What’s The Deal With Online Casino Bonuses?

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Nowadays, there are a lot of online casinos that have specialized and personalized offers available to their users. Even though most online casinos look or feel the same, they are, in fact, quite different. 

They all have something unique to offer, especially when it comes to welcome bonuses. Therefore, when you run into a no deposit casino it can mean any number of things aside from the obvious, of course. If online casinos have unique offers, how can you tell them apart? Simply put, you’ll have to explore further. 

That would mean visiting the casino’s website and reading more about what’s involved. In most cases, they revolve around the same thing, which is to incentivize new customers to join and play. That being said, let’s have a closer look at what’s the deal with online casino bonuses. 

What exactly are casino bonuses?

Simply put, casino bonuses are specialized offers designed to keep customers engaged. You have a welcome bonus for newcomers and special promotions for existing customers. Welcome bonuses usually involve an incentive to encourage consumers to register and create an account. 

Such bonuses consist of free offers, such as play without a deposit, free slot spins, matching deposits and so on. On the other hand, bonuses for existing customers include discounts and bonus credits for specific games or events. Customers can, therefore, choose to opt in or not based on whether they are interested in the offer or not. 

What’s the deal?

Every bonus does, in fact, come with a catch. This may seem like the casino is trying to cheat you but that’s not the case. As a matter of fact, each bonus comes with a wagering requirement otherwise referred to as turnovers or rollbacks. 

This is simply a safeguard against money laundering. Imagine if you were to deposit $500 into your account and the casino matches the deposit with another $500. 

You simply cash out and walk away. Well, wagering requirements are there to prevent such behavior. Wagering requirements force you to wager your bonus a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your winnings. 

Are bonuses even worth it?

That depends on the offer. If the bonus includes 20% matching deposit for poker games and you’re there for the slots then the offer isn’t really appealing to you, is it? But casino bonuses, in general, are pretty awesome deals. 

You can try different casino games for basically nothing or have more funds for an extended gambling experience. Everything comes down to personal preferences. When you visit an online casino, no one will force you to opt in for a bonus unless you want to. 


Closing Words

Casino bonuses are incentives that can boost your experience and make it more enjoyable. There are plenty of different offers to choose from and there’s always a requirement behind those deals. Whether you choose to explore online casino bonuses or not is entirely up to you.


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