What are the Benefits of Choosing a Platform That Offers Multiple Games?

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One of the biggest decisions when online gaming is to decide which platform you will be using. There are a multitude of different games out there – some general and appealing to all, while others are so unique and niche that a smaller subset will play them exclusively. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what kind of gaming you want to engage with. So, what are the benefits of choosing a platform that offers a multitude of games?

Offering multiple games reflects the accessibility of the platform. If we look at the rise of mobile gaming, players can download a variety of titles for free, from AR-specialist Niantic’s game-changers Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite to classics from Rovio Entertainment, the brains behind Angry Birds. Compare this to consoles, where games are steeply priced and are usually bought one at a time, and it’s no surprise that traditional console gaming is being surpassed by mobile gaming. This concept works the same with online gaming, too – the greater the range of games, the better position the site is in to attract customers. However, some sites choose to specialize in particular areas, while also providing a range of other games as a complementary offering. As Buzz Bingo shows, its name indicates a bingo platform, but it actually hosts a variety of games such as slots and table games.    

Players are fickle and our brains have been hardwired through the use of technology and smartphones to need constant stimulation. Playing for too long in the same setting could leave players bored. So, the major benefit of choosing a platform that offers multiple games is that it gives players the variety that they crave. For instance, developers Microgaming are one of the most prolific iGaming software creators and have both a land-based casino operation and one that provides online content. These different branches enable the company to split its focus and ensure that each of its releases works perfectly for the platform it is released on. Compare this to NextGen Gaming, who have taken a slightly different but equally effective approach by specializing in slot games. Having this specialism means that those who are opting to play one of their slots know that their entire expertise has been focused on slot gameplay.

Bonuses and welcome offers are part and parcel of the online gaming experience and can often be the differentiating factor when players are choosing a site to game on. How these welcome offers are tailored can help players choose too – if there are a variety across live dealers, slots, a sportsbook, and bingo, then players will be more likely to be swayed. Some bonuses are too restrictive in the type of game they apply to and this gives the message to players that other elements of the offering might not be as good as their hero product.  

The major benefits of offering multiple games on a platform is that players have a range of games to choose from, and their choice isn’t the provider, but the type of gameplay. It can sometimes be beneficial to show specialization, to add legitimacy to the fact that you offer the best type of gameplay for that genre. Ultimately, the more games on a platform, the more likely it is that someone will find the kind of game they are looking to play. 

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