Venetian Macao – the largest casino in the world

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A player won 20 million US dollars in the beginning of 2019 on a popular online casino in Canada.

It caught a lot of attention in mainstream media due to the fact that the accumulated sum which that particular slot machine hade paid out, reached over 1 billion dollars. While it certainly is understandable that people are taking notice of the surge of online casinos, it just doesn’t deliver the same experience like a real casino. This will be evident for anyone who step foot in a huge casino resort like The Venetian. The Venetian is a chain of casinos all over the world. Their largest casino is located in Macao and is by far the biggest gambling entity in the world. 

With 546,000 square feet, Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world. The Venetian Macao is located at the coastal region of Macao, China. Surprisingly, this space can accommodate thousands of gamblers. This is meant for the convenience of the casino guests. There are 870 tables for roulette and card games, and 3,000 gaming machines. Also, the shopaholics can splurge all their winnings in three large shopping malls. The guests can take a break at the gondola rides or one of the four swimming pools, just like the real Italian city, Venice. This is certainly more enjoyable than the casinos in Las Vegas. 

Whether you are into fine dining or casual fast food, Venetian Macao offers the best restaurant services to satisfy your hunger. The guests are offered an array of different cuisines, dietary food options and much more. The 3,000-roomed hotel accommodations are fitted with more than enough amenities to suit just about any guest's needs. If you were to gamble at Venetian Macao, then you would most likely crown it after taking a look inside. The inside of Venetian Macao is the same as 56 football fields. In other words, you probably stand better odds of getting lost inside this Casino than winning!

Ten years after its launch, the resort has been welcoming over 75,000 visitors on a daily basis. Why book with Venetian Macao? Your dream suite is found in Venetian Macao where you enjoy fast, free Wi-Fi. Also, 2 p.m late checkouts are offered for free on request so that you maximize the enjoyable experience. There are also exclusive offers arranged by online travel agencies. Bookings from official channels means you are likely to find the most exclusive and valuable offers. At the Venetian Macao, there are no middlemen, so the savings are passed to you. The packages offered are pocket-friendly.

Want a celebrity treatment? Venetian Macao Casino is here to do this. Your stay at the Venetian Macao Casino is made comfortable as the room comes with the stunning decor and an elegant tone. Inside, it is fitted with a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, a seating area with sofa and a private bathroom fitted with a bathtub. Some thoughtful amenities include bathrobes, slippers, a hairdryer, and a mini-bar. At the front desk, the staff assists the guests with car hire services, laundry, dry cleaning, free luggage storage, ticketing services, and currency exchanges. On request, shuttle services are made available to the guests as well.

Want to be serenaded by real gondoliers? Look no further! Venetian Macao Casino has an outside blockbuster attraction made of a network of canals. This Gondola runs on a daily basis. It is so hard to know what China looks like without traveling to Venetian Macau Casino. For those going to Venetian Casino with children, they can leave them at the nearby museum and head to the casino. You will find China to be one of the most kid-friendly places in the world. Your kids will have a fabulous time inside the hotel. The dad can spend his time gambling while kids are having a blast!

Are you wondering if China can fit your gambling lifestyle? Whether you are already planning the trip or wandering about the casino facilities, the information above will help in deciding if a visit to Venetian Macau is right for you. Don't take others' suggestions at face value. Instead, go and experience for yourself. The variety of services available and the activities both inside and outside the Venetian Macao are worth traveling thousands of miles for. This is a must visit, if you have enough time to play! Even if you are not gambling, walking around the Venetian Macao Casino and hotel is just a fantastic experience.


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