Top Things that Kiwis Don't Like About Casinos

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There is no doubt that New Zealanders love to gamble. According to the recent report from the Department of Internal Affairs, around $2.4 billion was spent on gambling in the 2018 financial year. The figures have increased by more than 5.7% compared to the previous year. It is estimated that $895 million of the total expenditure was spent on online pokies alone. 

Other percentages were used to bet on sports and racing. The increase in gambling revenue was a result of successful campaigns during the Football World Cup. However, according to professor Max Abbot, who is the director of AUT’s Gambling and Addiction Research Centre, the amount of money used by Kiwis has decreased by around 20% in the past 15 years. 

It has been so because many people with problem gambling relapsed and started gambling. This article covers some of the things that Kiwis don’t like about online casinos and more.

How Many People Gamble in New Zealand?

The country of New Zealand has a population of over 4 million people. But not all of them are allowed to gamble. Only people with 18 years and above are allowed to access the real money gambling platforms. In recent years, many New Zealanders switched to secure online gambling sites instead of playing regular pokies in land-based casinos. 

The increased number of punters in NZ has led to the rise of many online casinos in the industry. What excites most is that internet casinos can be accessed from anywhere across all devices, including mobile and personal computers. 

However, not all casinos are regal and safe to use, which is why you need to consider several features such as license and regulation, the software powering the platform, payment options, customer support, responsible gambling, among others. 

The Most Annoying Things in Casino for Kiwis

Even though Kiwis love gambling, some things have come to annoy many online gamers recently. Some of them include:

No Autoplay

Many NZ players fancy pokies because they are packed with unique features to enhance the gameplay. The Autoplay option is one of the most common features in online pokies. It allows players to spin reels without interference. Depending on the game and the software provider, you may choose to play between 10 and 100 uninterrupted spins. What annoys many Kiwis is that some latest online pokies don’t come with this amazing feature.


No NZD Currency

Most, if not all, operators don’t provide payments with NZD. They usually offer USD, Euros and even AUD currencies but underestimate the power of the New Zealand dollar. Unfortunately, many online slots that are offered by NZ casinos are lucking this great feature.

Disgusting Design

Casino software developers use eye-catching designs to attract people to play their games. Online pokies are built with modern cutting edge technology, which gives them stunning graphics, seamless animations, and immersive gameplay. Many punters tend to avoid online games with unattractive designs in casinos.

Games not Optimized for Mobiles

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the current and future of online casino gambling. Many developers use HTML5 technology that allows players to enjoy high-quality games on Android and iOS powered devices. However, games that are not optimized for mobile phones rarely attract players, especially those that love gaming on the go.

Absence of Custom Settings

Online casino games come with standard custom settings to enable players to adjust the gameplay. These settings can allow you to increase or reduce the bet size, playing speed, and more. Unfortunately, some online casino games are not designed with these fantastic settings.

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