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With the gambling industry experiencing significant growth, this is a boom time for operators and punters alike. New companies are launching on a regular basis and that means more value for the players as they aim for our custom.

It’s said that the sector is worth £14.4 billion annually in the UK alone and on a global basis, it’s a growing phenomenon. One of the ways in which that value is passed on is through offers and promotions. We’re talking about welcome bonuses plus ongoing deals that might include free bingo games, free spins at the casino slots or refunded sports bets.  

There are more deals online than ever before, but that aspect can also lead to some confusion. Our job as the customer is to find the best options from among the hundreds of available promotions so what is the best way to tackle such an ominous task?


Fools Rush In

The important message for all players, old and new, is to take time to consider the value of each bonus as it comes along. The obvious aspect to look for is the amount on the table, whether that’s a monetary figure or several free bingo games or slot spins. The greater the number, the better the promotion is likely to be but remember to look closely at those terms and conditions.

Many deals may come with a wagering requirement - also referred to as a rollover. In this instance, you may receive a bonus worth £30.00 but the wagering requirements ask you to play through that amount a certain number of times before withdrawing any profits. The overall message is to be patient and consider promos carefully before committing.


Don’t Miss Out

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While it’s not wise to rely solely on your operator for information, there are some basics that you need to take care of. When you sign up for a new account, make sure you don’t miss any deals that are set to come your way. That means signing up for SMS messages and emails and also by following the company on social media.

Depending on how many accounts the customer holds, that could lead to a lot of texts and messages at various times of the day, so the more serious punters often have a separate phone and email account to cope with the deluge. Take care of that basic requirement but for those who want to go further, it pays to look at a specialist gambling sector.


Know Where to Look

Serious players should now go beyond that basic advice and find a way to discover all of the free bets, free spins, no deposit bingo sites and other promos from across the industry. We’re talking about affiliate sites whose role is to promote sportsbooks, casinos, bingo and poker providers and to alert their readers to the best deals.

Affiliates are like brokers to an extent and they make their money by sending referrals to the operators. They are important for many reasons but in terms of bonus deals, they provide a much wider overview of the industry. That’s the first and most obvious advantage of an affiliate site, while a sportsbook, casino or bingo provider can only list their specific promotions, an affiliate brings you a wider choice from across the industry.

Affiliates also provide easy access to the operator – simply click through and you’ve landed on the offer that you’re interested in. A combination of concise listings and wide choice is the reason why they have a distinct advantage in the market but how do you pick from the many thousands of affiliate sites online?


Honesty and Security

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It’s very easy to set up an affiliate site and that makes it even more important to make the right choice. Firstly, a good way to check if the site is impartial is to look at the operators that are being promoted. If there are only three to four companies that are appearing, then you really should move on and look for a portal that offers a wider selection.

Security is also crucial. Look for the https prefix at the start of the URL and make sure that the site doesn’t ask for financial details at any stage. There is really no need for an affiliate to ask for personal details other than an email address for newsletter purposes so remember to be aware of those two points and you can take care of the questions relating to security and impartiality.

With the online gaming industry worth billions in the modern day, bonuses are appearing more frequently and there are a number of advantages to using an affiliate when it comes to seeking them out.


Choice and Challenges


New operators realise the challenges at hand when it comes to making a mark in the industry. Some of the brands available existed long before the internet came along and it is tough for them to gain a foothold in the present climate.

One of the most obvious ways to draw attention is to produce a strong welcome bonus before backing that up with regular offers and promotions for the life of a customer’s account. That’s great news for the consumer but, as we’ve seen, it can lead to confusion with many hundreds of weekly deals appearing across the industry.

In order to keep on top of a fast-moving area of the industry, follow our advice: get regular updates from your operator and check out those affiliate sites who are on hand to give a broad overview of the best offers and promotions as they come in.


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