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Online casinos have really been around for over 20 years but every year, new players discover online casinos for their first time and wondered what have they been missing this whole time. Over that time, casinos have changed drastically including the way we play them and now the way we find them. We live in a time where a company and brand can’t hide behind a wall and ignore consumers, if someone has a complaint then they’ll find ways to make their voice heard. So in the same way you might use to look up reviews of hotels or restaurants, you can now do the same for online casinos. The only thing you need to take into consideration are that many casinos will try to buy their way to a recommended status so as a player, you need to be diligent in finding a site that won’t sell out and gives the power to the players to give peer reviews of online casinos.


Deposit Guarantee offered by

One watchdog site takes player protection to the highest level possible.

They offer their players a deposit guarantee where if you are treated unfairly by a sealed online casino, they’ll return your deposit. You won’t find other casino portals that are willing to do this for their players. also handles online casino complaints for players offering a dispute mediation service and it is for free. They have recovered over $650,000 in the past few years for players. The site always has ongoing disputes trying to help players as they act as the man in the middle between a casino and a player. All rulings are not always in favour of the player and it depends on the situation as you have some players that try to take advantage of the casino, while in other casinos, casinos simply abusing the rights of ordinary casino players. If it wasn’t for this type of service offered, online casinos wouldn’t always treat players fairly knowing they would have no recourse but with a dispute service offered, these results are historical. There are not many of these types of watchdog sites available and only a few are listed and approved ADRs by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Strict Standards for Recommended Casinos takes their casino reviews very seriously and many of them are long documents reviewing every aspect of the casino. Take Guts casino review as one example, this casino has nearly a perfect record at ThePOGG as they hold the deposit guarantee seal and are also licensed by the UKGC. The casino reviews take every aspect of the casino into consideration especially the terms and conditions of the casino. If the casino has terms and conditions that allow the casino to walk over players, this site would give them a lower rating and a warning to players.




Terms and conditions are just one of the few aspects that are covered. Historical casino complaints also factor into the reviews as well as the reputation of the software and ensuring that all games offered to player offer fair odds.

Tips for Search for Online Casinos



So if you are not sure where to start in your journey to find an online casino to play at, we’ll give you our tips for ensuring you are getting a trusted review aside from just relying on You can search for “recommended online casinos” as a starting point to view some casino portals that offer reviews. A few trusted portals are other than, and If you do stumble upon any online casino and want to know more about them, just search for the casino’s name and add the word “review” in your search so you can find sites that provide reviews. If you see negative reviews at these 3 portals and positive reviews elsewhere, you’ll know that those other sites have weaker criteria for reviewing a casino and might not be as interested in protecting players. It helps to find a casino portal that has a forum and a player community where if you do have problems, you can voice your concerns and not feel like you are being censored.


Now that we have the nitty gritty taken care of, good luck in your search for a quality online casino and we hope you are one of the lucky few that have won those 7 and 8 figure jackpots over the past few years!


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