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When you stop and think that it was only 12 years or so since the very first smartphone was launched it seems pretty incredible that we existed without them at all as we have come to rely on them for so many different tasks.

Shopping and paying for goods and completing our banking are the norm nowadays – tasks that would have eaten into our busy lives now take only a few minutes and, in a world, where anything that saves us time, is convenient and secure is always welcomed.

Another massive leap forward during the last decade or so was taken by the gambling industry which had the foresight to embrace new technology and promote innovative ideas, and this foresight led to the rise of the online casino and where players can source the best netent casino sites from anywhere and at any time as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection available.  

In fact, mobile gaming ticks all of the boxes for many players and as it has evolved so has the technology as games became more demanding and as players demanded added security and safety online.

The smartphone has also changed with time and now devices have screens which are perfect for gaming yet the devices remain portable a far cry from the phones of the 90’s which housed games such as Snake (which still enjoys cult status).

Sanke was loaded on the Nokia 6610 and it is estimated that over 450 million copies have been shipped. Sanke has enjoyed a few versions and is still played and enjoyed by many players which is pretty good going for a game that began with a green background and a few black squares moving over it.

Talking about the 90’s means talking about a far simpler place that had no Twitter, Facebook or Flickr – thinking about being able to surf the web using a phone was out of this world as there were still many people not even connected.

However, once the basic ecosystem was created by WAP and mobile phones being joined together gaming really took off – and the mobile revolution began leading to today where the gambling industry has become one of the biggest and most successful industries in the world adding the revenue of many countries throughout the world.


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