Scammers in the casino - a lie or reality?

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The myth that any casino is a team of scammers is quite common among unsuccessful players. It is needless to say that if you make a bet, you lose your own money over and over again. This state of affairs will certainly lead to anger and an indispensable desire to find those responsible. And since slot machines are the most popular, then, first of all, they are blamed, and then the owners of the casino are called scammers.

However, let's try to approach the question logically. If an online casino would actually deceive its visitors, then sooner or later, no one would spend their money on such resources. In this case, the effect of bad reputation will simply be involved - who will listen to advice from someone whose authority is negligible? In other words, any institution offering a game for money, consider it profitable for people to win in the casino because such stories are the best advertisement.

Another thing is that if somebody, who wants to try out the "perfect strategy" is faced with the fact that online slot machines simply refuse for some reason to give them money. I. e. in fact, we have a difference between what a person wants and what he gets in reality. If this difference is too large, then there is bound to be dissonance, a refusal to believe that one's own past beliefs are false and, as a consequence, require revision. 

Perhaps, if earlier, the issue of regulation of online casinos was vague, then now, such activities are subject to state regulation and audit. In addition, the players try to choose only those resources that necessarily have the appropriate certificates. Consequently, 918KISS operates according to the regulations of the law, and its violation threatens the owners with substantial fines and problems. By itself, the risk of falling for the bait of these scammers is always great, and there are also many such examples. It turns out that the fault of some scammers falls under the distribution and a lot of large legal institutions.

Of course, speaking about slot machines, you should definitely mention the topic of the probability of winning, and as a derivative-the percentage of funds, standard machines are characterized by 95-98%. This figure suggests that you will return 95-98$ back for every $ 100 with a large number of bets. But again, here we are talking about the minimum bets on one line for a long period of time, and if you bet 10 times for $ 10 and lose in 8 cases, does this mean that the casinos are scammers? No, of course, because as rates must be even less, extremely small.

The myth that online casinos are scams is a consequence of choosing the wrong strategy and bad reputation of some representatives of this market. In reality, such an institution is not profitable to deceive their customers - this approach is unprofitable in the long term for the owners themselves.

The impact of Internet speed on casino winnings 

Many of us believe in the impossible. Someone relies on folk signs; someone begins to do various rituals for more luck. A lot of people believe that it is simply impossible to influence the course of current events. Is it right to think so? – an interesting question, but not as much as the topic of increasing the probability of winning in an online casino.

If you are a person who can get what computer technologies are, then it seems magic to you how programs work in the computer, how there calculation of algorithm at the hardware level occurs, and on what actually the final result depends. Online casino slot machines are essentially the same kind of program that have their own interface and a set of built-in logic. But if all of the above tells you little, then here you can find out whether the speed of the Internet affects the probability of winning-many would like to know.

In order to understand whether the speed of the Internet has at least some value when playing online casinos, you need to understand their mechanism of operation. And so, perhaps you know or not, but online slot machines are created not by simple programmers alone, but by entire companies, many of which are present on the market for decades. The most famous companies engaged in this kind of activity are Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Rival Gaming, etc.

Is it really so difficult to create a slot machine that whole teams are engaged in it? "you might ask." Well, in general, the answer is ambiguous. Even a programmer of the average level will be able to create a primitive casino simulating the work of a slot machine, but not everyone will be able but to organize protection from burglars.


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