Roulette Strategies you should know about in 2019

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Roulette is one of the most loved games in the casino world. Visit any land-based casino today and observe where most people will be located.  If they aren’t having fun with poker, they will be playing roulette. Fortunately, you can also play the game online.

Open your laptop and search for a good casino website. Chances are it supports the roulette. Decide whether to play the American or European version of the game. Either game is easy to learn and fun to play. But if you wish to play and win, you’ll need to know more than the basics. Below are great strategies that can help maximize your wins on the roulette game.

Maximizing Bonus Bets

The best way to master the game of roulette is to practice. But since betting can be costly, become an expert of bonus bets. Join many betting sites and take advantage of all the bonuses they offer. An average casino can give you 50 or more spins for simply creating an account with them.

Use all of the 50 spins to practice different types of roulette wagers. Find out whether betting blacks/reds work for you. A 5:1 wager with a multiplier is the better bet. Once you are done with one bunch of free spins, find more.

The Internet is full of casino sites that will give you up to 250 spins just to create an account on their site. Be careful not to send your money to fake casino sites though. As much as they are lots of legitimate websites, they are also those that aim to scam you.

Another issue to take note of is the wagering requirements that come with every bonus. Every casino has rules concerning who qualifies for their bonuses and how to withdraw money from the wins. A good platform should be clear about their bonuses.

That way, you can practice with bonus bets as many times as you want. If you are allowed to withdraw your wins, it also becomes easy to maximize your profits.

The Double your Wagers Strategy

Often called the Martingale strategy, you are guaranteed to come out a winner if you follow the strategy correctly. The goal is to double your wager every time you lose. It’s built on the idea that if you pick the right type of wagers, there is a high chance of winning more even if you lose.

Many experts advise you to pick high-odds wins. A 50/50 bet is the best wager in this case. Let's say you select an odd/even wager. With the roulette having 19 odd numbers and 19 even numbers, there is a 50% chance of winning your bet.

So, if you wager $2 on the ball landing on an even number twice, you will likely have a correct prediction at least once. But for that one time you lose, double your wager. In the third bet, you will recoup the money you lost and have some profits as well.

If you place 40 wagers in one night and 20 are correct, you can be certain you'll leave the casino site with profits. Even if you only win 18 wagers, there is a chance you will come out with more money than you had before.

The Paroli System

So, you love to risk but not when on a losing streak? The parole system is the best winning roulette strategy for you. With this strategy, you double your wagers when you start winning. It’s built on the idea that when you start winning, there is a chance of winning more than once.

So, when you are on a winning streak, you don’t act like everything is normal. You double your wagers and accumulate your profits until you stop winning. It’s a great strategy if you are a disciplined player. By discipline, you need to keep your wagers very low when on a losing streak. But once you start to win, increase your bets until you recuperate all previous losses.

High Odds bets

Any roulette game you pick will have at least five types of wagers. You can bet on whether the ball lands on a black or red color. You can separate numbers 1-36 and wager on the first or second half. Another wager involves betting on whether the game ends in an odd or even number.

With the high-odds strategy, you limit yourself to the types of bets with high odds of happening. The black/red outcome is a good example. Bet $10 the ball lands on a black number and you have a 50% chance of winning the bet.

By contrast, betting on the exact number the ball lands on will usually have odds of 36-1 on the European roulette. There are several wagers with 50/50 odds on both the European and the American roulette.

A newer roulette introduced by Evolution Gaming called lightning roulette has an even bigger amount of wagers. The game resembles the American roulette but comes with more wagers and multipliers. Every wager comes with 5 lucky numbers. If you match any of them, you stand to have your wins multiplied by up to 500 times.

The Fibonacci and D’Alembert Strategies

These two strategies resemble the Martingale system, but you are not required to double your wager when you lose. With Fibonnacci’s system, you increase your wager by a small amount after a loss. If you bet $10 on the black color and lose, bet $15 the next time.

If you win with your second bet, you’ll have earned $30 and recover the previous bet’s amount. Again, you won’t be risking too much compared to following the Martingale system. With the D’Alembert method, you increase your wagers using single-unit dollars.

If you bet $10 and lose, wager with $11 the next time. The Da’Alembert method also has a rule for how to handle winning streaks. When you win once, decrease your wager amount by a $10. The strategy is best suited for nights when you want to be very methodical and have many wagers to play.

To Conclude

If you love roulette, there is no reason why you should never win. The game has tons of wagers and multipliers. If you also take advantage of bonuses and use a good strategy, you'll be winning more than you lose whenever you play the game.


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