The Rise of Mobile Casinos and an Increase in Specific Mobile Casino Bonus Offers

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The Rise of Mobile Casinos and an Increase in Specific Mobile Casino Bonus Offer

The rise of mobile and tablet has been phenomenal over the past few years, with a progressive uplift in mobile search traffic it’s imperative that online casinos ensure their websites are mobile-friendly to cater for users on these devices. In May, Google officially announced that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. The risk of not doing so means a poor user experience and visitors leaving websites, generating high exit rates and ineffective usability. Mobile casinos allow players to gamble on the go and it’s extremely convenient when you want to play remotely.

Mobile gaming is a fast paced environment and the majority of established online casinos have now gone mobile friendly through making their websites either responsive or hosting a separate mobile version of their site. The majority of mobile casinos will now allow you to play their favourite game without the need of computers or downloading software. The fact that players are now utilising their mobile devices to play games means high acquisition rates for online casinos and significant growth in revenue, so it really is a win-win situation for online casino operators.

Mobile Specific Casino Bonuses and Promotions

With the increase in mobile casino traffic, we’ve also seen a parallel increase in casino bonuses and promotions on offer.  Mobile casinos will now tend to offer a wider range of deposit based and no deposit casino bonuses. Any seasoned player will usually know exactly how these bonuses work and how they are essentially tiered based on the number of deposits and the amount of deposit made. Although bonuses are often looked at like free casino money, it’s rarely the case when you factor in wagering requirements to cash them out. These, of course, are put in place to mitigate the risk that players cash out their free bonus and instantly leave.

All online casinos vary in these wagering requirements and the terms and conditions, so you will have to delve through the necessary information to find out which casino offers the best chances through their casino bonuses on offer. Mobile casinos won’t differ in these requirements, and will probably have a separate set of terms and conditions applied to any given mobile casino offer.

If you’re a savvy online casino player, you’ll probably have a strategy in mind that allows you to capitalise from such bonuses. Keeping to a specific strategy and sticking to games which have the best player odds will minimise the risks of getting into a losing streak and losing your bonus plus any winnings accumulated off the back of it.

Mobile casinos allow you to play games, either via custom produced apps, or in a browser. With 4G technology internet speeds aren’t inhibitors to playing even the most graphic intensive games. By syncing your account to your device, it’s extremely easy to render games and get excellent playability out of them.


We suggest that you choose online casino’s which are regulated by the gambling authority from the location at which they operate. Whenever you’re spending money through online casinos, it’s always important to conduct your due diligence and make sure you’re making the right decision based on your requirements. Good luck!

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