The Reason Behind Slot Machines Based On Comic Books Becoming Popular

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For many years even before people started to enjoy watching films that were made in black and white, quite a number enjoyed reading comic books. Over the years though, following improvements in technology, not many are thrilled with the idea of sitting down to enjoy reading a book however sweet it might be.

However, it doesn’t mean that comic books do not have their space in the society. On the contrary!  In fact, the space that is taken by comic books may not be replaced by any other agent no matter how powerful the agent may be.  Otherwise, now, more than any other time in the history of man, some so many people have come up with their comic books, which they want to publish. With many counties amending laws that regulate self-publishing, you can expect that very many people will be coming up with very lovely books with titles and themes that are not only eye-catching but also relevant to the society.

Nonetheless, for those classic comic books that did not get too many people, now is the time. Online gaming has made it possible for many people to now enjoy playing slot machines based on comic books. In this category of slots, it is possible to find player taking up the whole behavior of a beloved individual character in a given book that was published more than 20 years ago.

However, the beauty of playing online slot machines based on comic books is that apart from reminding yourself of some of the characters you loved in a particular comic book, the online games will try to bring to your eyes and mind the exact looks of the characters at least virtually thanks to 3D animations. As you do so, you will also be winning lots of prizes and at the same time getting so close to making quite a lot of money if the game is generous enough to give you a jackpot, which is something you’d never think of if you were reading just a comic book back at home.

Popular Real Money Slot Games

There are quite some comic book slots to talk about, but on this write-up, we’ll narrow down to only two. Several other slot machines based on comic books can be found in various online casinos at that offer multiple slots to players.  The first one on our list of two is Lady Bug Adventures.  This slot is so sweet that many people even forget that it is based on a story that was once a hit.

In what is seen as a double lifestyle, Lady Bug is known to be a very calm school-going lady during the broad daylight. However, things change entirely when it is dark. This time, she is no longer a school-going child that you can associate with the day. She takes off her daytime personality and changes into a Superheroine whose work is to safeguard the city against ruthless crawly villains. In this slot, you are eligible for significant prizes if you prove that you can capture the creepy crawlies. The other slot machine based on comic books is Superman Last Son of Kryptonite. By playing it, you’ll get a chance to win Clark Wilds, and a prize for rescuing Loins Lane, the game’s sweetheart.

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