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In news and information services, we can see pictures where a police unit armed to the teeth in bulletproof vests enters metal containers with the inscription greengrocer, hidden rooms in shanty houses, small neighborhood shops. It looks menacing and comical at the same time. What dangerous criminals hide in neighborhood greengrocers. It turns out that these are raids on illegal arcades with slot machines and that such actions are not uncommon in Poland. The unit must be armed, because it protects customs and tax officials. In the past, there have been cases where officials without military support have been intimidated and attacked. These scenes, like from action movies, provoke a closer look at the situation on the gambling machines market in Poland.

A little bit of gaming machine history

The first slot machine was made in America at the end of the 19th century and there was no money winnings. Simple machines, so-called pinballs were for fun only. The winnings were at most cigars, free drinks or chewing gums. The name comes from pulling a lever, reminiscent of a hand. Bandits, because it was easy to "steal" coins and to win with them it was really difficult. Over the next 100 years, the machines were developed and improved so that eventually filling the casino halls, they became an extremely profitable business. At the same time, for casino players, the slot machine provided a lot of fun and pleasure, but also winnings. There were players who did not leave their machine, waiting for a huge jackpot. At present, slot casinos provide 85% of the casino's income on average. In the online casino market, for example on KasynoHex.com, offered online casino games are produced by over 100 different companies. The gambling industry is developing very dynamically, trying to respond to all the needs of its players and offering more and more interesting slots.

Unfortunately, many years without legal regulations in Poland have led to market distortion. Slot machines stayed in stores, clubs, game rooms were created in various suspicious places and without any control. The slot machines were played by children, losing their pocket money. All this led to numerous frauds and abuses. The fight against illegal "arcades" continues to this day.

Legal situation in Poland today

The amendment to the gambling act in 2017 describes in detail where and who can play slot machines. Of course, we mean legal gambling. The Ministry of Finance issues concessions for 6 years to entities such as casinos and legal arcades. There can be a minimum of 3 and max 50 slot machines. Players must be of legal age with an identity document. Protecting minors is also helped by removing all casinos and showrooms from schools and full monitoring of the salon. The showroom must have the rules of responsible gaming approved by the Ministry of Finance, and information about the risks of gambling put in a prominent place. Gambling Acts are designed to protect players, but it's hard not to notice that the state has taken monopoly over this industry. Totalizator Sportowy organizes and runs game rooms. For many entities it was the end of the free gambling market.

Interestingly, winnings obtained on slot machines are not taxed. You do not have to worry about 10% tax on winnings, you do not have to settle such income in PIT. The stake per game is entirely used only for the game itself.

What machines do exist on the market?

Many players still have a great fondness for one-armed bandits and are looking for simple slot machines with 3 reels and 777 symbols, BAR, and gold stars. It is true that the lever is replaced by the Play button, but for many players, especially online, traditional machines are not boring at all. More advanced machines, because with more drums and pay lines, are often called fruit slots. The name comes from symbols on the reels, various types of fruit. We have many types of simple machines with groups of specific characters related to sport, holidays, and cartoon characters. They differ in the number of reels, pay lines, but there are also new bonus features, free spins, scatters, and wilds. All elements are designed to make the game more attractive, expand the slot machine with functions that multiply winnings. Animated online and video slots are a proposition for players who do not like the steady spinning of the reels. Sometimes this set comes with a card chance of doubling the Gamble and Jackpot win. But that's not the end. In addition to the extra features, the developers of casino software have also thought about the plot of the game. Film heroes, well-known comic or serial motifs appear on the slot machines. This is the level of quality and resolution of HD machines. The visual effects they propose do not differ from the best online games.

All in all, every player will find something for themselves, classic and modernity, simplicity and technological advancement. The level of RTP (Return to player) is usually very high and playing for money can be profitable. And for those who just want fun, online casinos also have suggestions. For most slot machines, a demo version is available, free and just for fun.

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