Pagcor is Banning Gambling Addicts From its Casinos

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In the modern age, gambling addiction is becoming a bigger problem as it claims more victims with every next day. People who bet recklessly are not the only ones to blame. Betting operators are considered the primary reason for this trend, which is why they must take responsibility and find a solution. The Gaming Corporation Pagcor, located in Manila the Philippines, is among the few who are giving a good example of handling the problem. By banning more than 400 gambling addicts all over the Philippines, the casinos of the company have promoted responsible gaming in the region of Southeast Asia.
According to the latest researches on the market, the measures taken by the corporation have proven to be as effective as necessary. In a public statement, the chair of Pagcor, Andrea Domingo, said that half of the gambling addicts who were banned from playing at the Philippine casinos, asked for the restriction themselves. The gamblers wanted their ban to last for a period from 3 to 6 months or even from 1 to 5 years.
These can be called cases of self-exclusion because the players accepted that they have a problem and are in need of help. The gamblers literally told the casino staff not to allow them inside and confessed about being unable to stop themselves. That is why the operators of Pagcor felt responsible for fulfilling these pleads.
Of course, not everyone can realise what it means to be a victim of the gambling addiction. There are those who deny the problem and don't want to accept it. In these cases, the intervention by somebody close to the gambler is the best solution. That is precisely what happened with the other half of the banned gambling addicts prohibited by Pagcor casinos. The operators were asked by a family member or a friend to set a gambling restriction against a particular person.
When Placing Bets is no Longer Fun
Many wonder how gambling addiction works or when placing bets can be dangerous. According to TopRatedBettingsSites, the answer depends on whether you have self-control or not. Everyone can play casino games and bet on sports matches online or at a land-based facility. Just remember that gaming for cash is fun as long as you don't give in to greed and keep track of time. Once you enter the top rated betting operators of, it will be up to you to decide how much to wager per game and how long to play. In theory, that statement is easy to comprehend, but many gamblers forget about it once they make a bet.
One of the casino players who lost control is Jessie Javier Carlos. Betting addiction led the former government employee into acts of thievery and vandalism. A month ago he went to one of the resorts of Manila. After arriving at the location, Carlos began setting fire to the gambling tables and event attempted to steal casino chips from the house.
About four weeks before the shooting, the man was banned from all casinos regulated by Pagcor for the next 12 months. Around that time Carlos had a lot of debts to pay because of his gambling addiction. The financial problems were affecting not only his relationship with his wife but with his parents too. His family didn't know what else to do, but to ask Pagcor for a ban that will stop Carlos from wasting more money. The aggressive reaction from the former employee of the local government to the restriction only shows that the gambling addiction had inflicted mental damage to its victim. 
How the Gambling Addicts Behave
A gambler attacking casino operator is nothing uncommon for the industry. To avoid such situations, it is wise to pay close attention to the behaviour of the players. Gamblers who misbehave by being too rowdy or are causing a disturbance in the casino hall have also been banned from the facilities of Pagcor. Many think that only the people who can't handle their losses when betting suffer from addiction. However, this isn't true.
Andrea Domingo said that hitting the jackpot isn't enough for gambling addicts. Players with such issues are willing to spend the whole night betting at the casino even after winning hundreds of millions. The chair of Pagcor mentioned that talking sense to them is impossible. Once they get consumed by the passion for gambling, nothing can stop them. 
Dealers often witness how winners turn into losers. Even if someone tries encouraging the addicted players to stop and leave the casino for their own good, they won't listen to reason. Instead of enjoying their winnings and going home, gambling addicts end up losing everything on a series of unsuccessful bets. 
Taking Measures Against Gambling Seriously
The chief gaming regulator of the Philippines stated that by law, all officials who are representing the government or have been chosen by election have no right to play or to visit a gambling facility. According to Domingo, the ban is not enough if not being applied correctly, or in other words - the entire community must take part in it. Therefore if an official has been spotted to participate in any form of gambling, he or she must be reported to the government. Afterwards, it's up to the proper agencies to hold him or her responsible. 
The law may be strict when applying the rules to all casinos, but there are many ways to place wagers indirectly. Some people bet via representative who keeps their name in secret and playing online through the operators of makes it easy to hide your identity. The only way to make sure that the banned addicts are not taking part in any gambling activity is to keep an eye on them.
The President told about some additional measures that were taken by Pagcor casinos. For starters, first-degree relatives of the banned players are also restricted from entering the facilities. After the incident at Resorts World Manila, monitoring teams have another responsibility besides observing the gameplay in the gaming halls. The employees behind the cameras must watch out for banned players who are trying to sneak in the casino and report them to security. Although there's a restriction against more than 400 gamblers, they are free to visit other places inside the gambling facilities of the Pagcor Gaming Corporation like hotels and malls.

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