Out with the Old, in with the New as Snowflakes Change “Offensive” Bingo Calls

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It appears that the snowflakes have struck again according to many newspapers and journalists.

“Woke millennials”, as they are being referred to have decided to rewrite the bingo calls and terms in order to make it ‘better’ and ‘less offensive’ as they become the new target market for online bingo sites.

The standout bingo terms that a lot of players enjoy and laugh at, have been replaced in an attempt to make them more relevant and more modern for the younger audience. The calls have been adapted to fit common trends of millennials. One of the major bingo calls that they have removed is “Two Fat Ladies – 88”. This is because they feared it may upset people in this day and age, which is probably right in a world that is becoming more and more populated with snowflakes. In a lot of people’s eyes, it is a poor decision to replace what is one of the more humorous phrases in bingo, but it isn’t up to us, it is up to the millennials.

So, what are the new phrases? Well the famous “Two fat ladies” has been adapted to the new term “Wills and Kate – 88”. There are some better additions to the bingo calls, as we see the introduction of referrals to Brexit, modern foods, Tinder and more. There was a vote to see what the top 20 best original bingo calls were and then from there, players had the chance to come up with their own and replace these originals. 

Top 20 New Bingo Calls

Top 20 Original Bingo calls

• 48, Not another Brexit debate

• 48, Four Dozen

• 74, Recycle more

• 74, Candy store

• 15, Yas Queen

• 15, Young & Keen

• 25, Quarter life crisis

• 25, Duck & Dive

• 39, Love Island time

• 39, Steps

• 49, Amazon Prime

• 49, PC

• 53, Here's the tea

• 53, Stuck in the tree

• 78, Haters gon' hate

• 78, Heaven's gate

• 86, Instagram pics

• 86, Between the sticks

• 14, Netflix & Chill

• 14, Valentine's Day

• 32, Fake news

• 32, Buckle my shoe

• 35, It's a vibe

• 35, Jump and jive

• 38, Avocado on a plate

• 38, Christmas cake

• 54, Lads on tour

• 54, Clean the floor

• 68, Late for my Tinder date

• 68, Pick a Mate

• 88, Wills and Kate

• 88, Two fat ladies

• 52, Brunch for two

• 52, Danny La Rue

• 83, Gluten free

• 83, Time for tea

• 7, Flexitarian

• 7, Lucky seven

• 9, Get an Uber from mine

• 9, Doctors Orders



These new bingo calls have not fully been introduced to bingo halls as of yet, however by the end of this year they are considering adapting the calls to add a few of the newer phrases into the game and probably into new bingo sites as they continue to launch online. Foxy Bingo are one of the major Bingo companies that are considering this month. In fact, they asked their younger audience to come up with ideas for new calls and they would then showcase these selections to customers and allow them to vote for their favourite. You were able to add your suggestion into their chatrooms.

The director of Foxy Bingo, Jonathan Bowden has said that because of this marketing strategy, they are seeing a record number of younger players visiting their site to start playing bingo. The game now appeals to a younger audience since the introduction of the new bingo calls. This fresh idea has really switched the game up.

To some people, this may seem a little odd and could also get confusing if you don’t understand the references. For example, “Number 8, Tinder date!”. This is something I’m sure a lot of older males and females won’t understand, well you’d at least hope so! How about “48, not another Brexit debate?” or “74, Recycle more”. In honesty, wouldn’t the caller feel pretty silly or embarrassed calling out such phrases. I’m sure a few of these calls would get some confused looks. If it is just a strategy that is introduced to online bingo, then it is fine.

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