Oswego, IL rejects video parlour proposal for a second time

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For the second time in just over a month, the Oswego Village Board members have rejected a plan by a Naperville-based marketing agency to establish a video gambling café in the small Illinois town.

Reports state that 26-year-old Wilbur You, the founder and CEO of You Holdings first approached the Oswego village president and other trustee members on March 6 with his proposal to establish a video parlour. His proposal was however shot down by the present members and was told to go back to the drawing board. This was despite the fact that he had told the present members that he has extensive experience in working with Illinois’ largest gambling operators through his marketing agency Youtech & Associates.

After a little over a month of revising his proposal, You appeared for the second time before a full bench of the Oswego village board. The revised proposal which included a revised logo for the proposed video parlour and interior and exterior renderings failed to convince the board leading to the rejection of You’s second proposal. The village board refused to approve You’s proposal to establish a video parlour despite the fact that Illinois is one of the few US states which like the United Kingdom allows interested parties to establish a gambling parlour.

In his proposal, You was targeting to get approval to rent the leased ‘The Man Store’ which has been vacant for two years and has a space floor of 1,500 square feet. Previously, in such a situation, all You needed was an agreement with the owner of the space but due to new regulations, the owner of a space needs to get the approval of the village board first before selling or renting the space for video gaming establishments.

The statement released by the village after their meeting with You stated that the close proximity of the vacant space at 4050 Wolf’s Crossing Road to a high school and an elementary school was the reason behind the rejection.

A number of trustees voiced their opinion after the board voted against allowing You and his company to establish a video parlour. Trustee Pam Parr was particularly concerned with the idea that allowing You to establish a video parlour at the site would portray the town as a gambling town as the vacant space is one of the entrances to the town.

Another trustee, Joe West also expressed his reservations about the establishment of a video parlor saying that the location is not right and that there have been a few gambling themed cafes established in the town and by allowing a more bigger establishment with five gaming machines, the small town of Oswego will portray the image of a gambling town, something the village board is trying to prevent.

The Vice President of the village board, Gail Johnson also cited the location issue but weighed in saying that he felt You and his associates could have just said everything the first time as he didn’t see any major additions at the revised proposal.

Speaking after the meeting with the village board, You said that he understands the concern shown by the village board and was inclined to ask about the availability of the space as it has been vacant for a long time.


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