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Like with everything online, there is a plethora of myths and rumours going around about online gambling. Targeting everything from rigging conspiracies to security faults, or that you’ll spend more by playing online and face withheld winnings, a lot of these stories couldn’t be further away from the truth but continue to spread online. Others are echoed so often that they grow to be accepted as fact, although being nothing more than myths. Still, a few of them sound a bit more convincing, and we’re here to set the record straight:

Online Gambling is Rigged

Myth: A remark coming from players spent much time in old-fashioned casinos, so they think that the game is rigged and feel more comfortable seeing someone dealing with the cards in front of them.

Busted: Though it is easier to believe that online casinos are rigged – the truth is that they are not, and the risks of games being rigged are lower than in Vegas. The system implemented by online casinos is the same as the one in slot machines and is based on a Random Number Generator (or RNG) and providing truly random odds. Therefore, online slots such as Dunder Slots slots will play true, providing a secure and fair gaming experience. 

Online gambling Don’t Pay Out

Myth: Conservative and hard nut casino players avoid making the shift to online gaming and think that online casinos don’t pay-out your winnings mainly because there are people behind some scam sites who are set in making some easy money of using some tricks or cons.

Busted: This is true for almost anything in life. The internet’s a prominent place, and there are quite a lot of online casinos out there. If you analyze the site carefully for critical features such as licensing and reviews, you use well-known and reputable brands and make sure they offer secure payment methods; then you should stop worrying for good. 

Gambling Online is Illegal

Myth: Every government keeps the right of placing bans or restrictions on online gambling. Therefore, there are specific rules and regulations you need to be aware of that do vary from country to country and affect only a small part of online gambling communities.

Busted: For something supposedly illegal, there are an awful lot of online casinos out there. The sole fact that millions of players around the world enjoy gambling online is proof that it is 100% legal to gamble online. While there are some countries and some states in the USA which don’t allow online gambling, and depending on which country you may be in “No Deposit bonuses” are not permitted; still, online gambling, including in the United States, is not illegal. Many protocols have been put in place, such as licensing, to ensure the protection of players.

With all the online gambling myths present out there, it’s easy to see why some may be hesitant to step into the world of online casinos. However, it’s high time to put the delusions of online gambling to rest. Online casinos are operated by well-established corporations which are required by law to be transparent about their operations. Thus, all myths about online casinos come from lack of research or sore losers. As a rule of thumb, it would recommended that you should make yourself aware of the rules and regulations put in place depending on the country you decide to play online. Therefore, it is vital you are up to date with these rules and gamble responsibly. 


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