Online Casinos that Offer Euro Roulette

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Online Casinos that Offer Euro Roulette

What are the online casinos that offer Euro Roulette (also known in long form as European Roulette)?  One of the more popular gambling sites to offer this game is LockCasino.com.

Most of us know what roulette is, but what is the difference between the regular game and the Euro version exactly?

Euro Roulette offers better odds, according to Lock.

Basically there are only 37 colored numbers on the wheel as opposed to the American version, which features 38.  But more importantly, Euro Roulette has half the number of zeros that American Roulette has. 

Because the zeros reduce the chance that the ball will land on an even or odd number (or on black or red for that matter), he American version has a house advantage of five percent, while European roulette maintains a house advantage of two percent.

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by selecting Multi Player mode.

The casino game of Roulette is far more popular in Europe than in the United States (though it is certainly still popular in the US). 

Lock Casino accepts customers from most countries around the globe. 


- Gambling911.com Staff


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