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Mega Moolah

Gambling911.com sponsor, Golden Lounge Casino, is one of the famed Microgaming online casinos offering the popular Mega Moolah Jackpot.  We can report that the jackpot has just increased over $1.1 million heading into this weekend (June 27, 2009). 

What is Mega Moolah?

Not only does it provide the BIGGEST jackpots in online casino history it is also the first 4-tiered casino slot in the Microgaming portfolio. Mega Moolah comes with a great theme related to that of the Lion King movie. There are wild African animals, safari and jungle, that are all cleverly combined with the action from Free Spins, Scatter and Wild rewards.

Early on in 2008, one of the Microgaming online casinos paid out over $5.5 million from Mega Moolah.

Then, just a few weeks ago, another player hit a whopping $6.3 million. 

Below you will find Mega Moolah game information and odds.  Remember, you can take full advantage of Mega Moolah at Golden Lounge Casino


Mega Moolah Basic Game Information

                                    Theme: African Animals

                                    Reels: 5

                                    Paylines: 25

                                    Coins per Payline: 5

                                    Max Coins: 125

                                    Progressive: Yes

                                    Wild Symbol: Yes

                                    Free Spin Trigger Symbol: Yes

                                    Bonus Trigger Symbol: No

                                    Multiplier Symbol: Yes

                                    Scatter Symbol: Yes

                                    Bonus Feature: Yes (randomly triggered)

                                    Free Spins Feature: Yes

                                    Gamble: No

Mega Moolah Bonus Features Information

                                    Feature Type: Pick X of Y (Wheel Spin)

                                    Number of Objects: 20

                                    Number of Spins: 1

                                    Feature Type: Free Spins

                                    Number of Free Spins : 15

                                    Multiplier: 3

                                    Recursion: Yes

Mega Moolah Coin Size Information

                                    Coin Sizes: 0.01; 0.02; 0.05;

                                    Default Coin Size: 0.05

                                    No of Coins Allowed: 5

                                    Default No of Coins per Line: 5

                                    Default Bet: 0.05 x 5 Coins per line x 25 Lines = 6.25

                                    Max Bet: 0.05 x 5 Coins per line x 25 Lines = 6.25

                                    Min Bet: 0.01 x 1 Coin per line x 1 Line = 0.01

                                    Jackpot in Coins (Highest win for one payline):

 * Base Game: 15,000.00 Coins x 5 Coins per line = 75,000.00 Coins.

 * Free Spins: 15,000.00 Coins x 5 Coins per line x 3 (Multiplier) = 225,000.00 Coins.

                                    Max Jackpot in currency (Highest win per line):

 * Base Game: 75,000.00 x 0.05 = 3,750.00.

 * Free Spins: 225,000.00 Coins x 0.05 = 11,250.00

                                    Max Exposure in currency (Highest win across all paylines):

 * Base Game: 16,293.00 coins x 5 coins per line x 0.05 = 4,073.25.

 * Free Spins: 16,293.00 coins x 5 coins per line x 3(Multiplier) x 0.05 = 12,219.75.

Mega Moolah Statistics

                                    Payout Percentage: 94% - 95%

                                    Volatility: Low

                                    Total Hit Frequency: 46% - 47%



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