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Any online casino tournament is a kind of gambling competition with a prize fund distributed among the participants who have won prizes. The prizes can be very different: real money, bonuses, comp points (special loyalty points) or even expensive gifts (for example, a car, trip tickets, a laptop, a smartphone, and more).

The Main Types of Online Casino Tournaments

Each casino has the right to hold any tournaments not prohibited by their Terms and Conditions. They can vary in the number of participants, games, and prize money. However, there are three main types of such competitions:

  • Free tournaments are the competitions to participate in which the player does not need to pay for buy-in.  This is the primary reason for the popularity of such events among gamblers.

  • Fixed pot tournaments guarantee their participants the prizes before the entry to them.

  • Prize pot tournaments suppose that the buy-ins paid by players form the prize pool.

What is more, competitions may differ depending on the casino games they are devoted to (slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette) and on the timing of these events: one-time or regular (weekly, monthly, daily competitions).

How to Join
If you are eager to test your luck at an online casino tournament, be ready to carefully read the Terms and Conditions applied. First and foremost, you need to be a registered user to claim for any activities at the chosen venue. Just open an account to play for real money, and apply for participation following the specified requirements. If the competition rules include an entry fee also known as a buy-in, the gambler must pay it in advance (exceptions are tournaments that can be joined after the official start).
Please note that some tournaments can only be claimed by VIP users. As a rule, in this case, the game is supposed to be played with high stakes and promises larger prizes. You can take part in such an event only with the appropriate status and if you do not have it, then you should look for another tournament that is available to you.
The format of any given tournament is determined by its rules. Most casinos hold tournaments in a similar way. Firstly, a game of chance for a particular tournament is chosen (most often - a video slot or a group of slots). Moreover, the tournament time frame, as well as the number of available spins or game rounds, are set. However, in some cases, restrictions are minimal or there are no limits at all.

How to Win

First of all, you need to be lucky and, of course, persistent. Nevertheless, when talking about the chances of winning in terms of the rules, everything is dependant on the format and the type of the tournament:

  • You win if you make the largest number of bets in the fixed time.

  • You win if you obtained the highest amount of credits.

  • You win if you play the maximum number of games.

  • You win if you collect the maximum number of winning combinations for a specific time.

  • You win if you claim the maximum number of bonuses featured by the tournament.

There may be other conditions for winning, so before you opt for a tournament, do not forget to carefully study the rules (and especially everything that is written in small print so that there are no surprises). This will allow you to choose the preferable competition to fit your needs, style of play, and bankroll.
The most popular competitions that can be found in online casinos are slot tournaments. Slot machines are rather user-friendly and do not require a deep dive into the gameplay. That is why novice gamblers most often choose them. Many online casinos feature hundreds of slots, so you will definitely find the option which suits you best.

However, if you are a fan of blackjack or poker you can take part in tournaments with live dealers. Live game is associated with a much brighter, more interesting and exciting experience allowing you to test not only your luck but also your skills and strategies.

Tournament Advantages
Players are really fond of taking part in such competitions for a variety of reasons. For instance, online casino tournaments allow us to compete for enormous prizes while paying a relatively small buy-in. The same goes for playing time: a participant can spend much more hours playing at lower costs. Finally, there are more chances of winning as you can play much more spins or hands.

Today, almost all gambling venues regularly announce tournaments of various formats. So, you can find large banners inviting to participate in a particular competition in the casinos' lobby quite often, while the lists of winners specifying the amounts won are also here to inspire you to join. If a tournament is a kind of marketing tool for a casino, then for players it is an opportunity to have fun and, perhaps, to become the owner of a round sum. In addition, many sites allow you to use bonuses in tournaments, which also contributes to the popularity of such events.


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