Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Hits $6 Mil

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Yesterday, 7th April 2009, The Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot at Golden Lounge Casino reached an astounding level of $6,000,000. That's right, SIX MILLION DOLLARS!!! This is the biggest progressive jackpot in online casino history and it's still growing! (Currently standing at $6,016,061.28 at time of writing).  The Golden Lounge Casino is part of the Microgaming family.  It is a proud sponsor of the Gambling911.com website. 

In 2008 the jackpot was won at $5.5 million! Who will be the lucky winner this time?

The team at Golden Lounge Casino are eagerly waiting for one of their lucky players to lay claim to this monstrous prize. Golden Lounge is making headlines, offering the largest slots jackpot in the history of online gaming. We are on the edge of our seats here in the office waiting to see which of our players will lay claim to this landmark jackpot.   Golden Lounge continues to offer the best online casino, experience, games and promotions to its players and we are thrilled to have built such a huge jackpot. The winner is certainly going to have a story to remember a party to throw!

Golden Lounge Casino offers the best online casino and continually provides players with exciting promotions and bonuses. The customer service team is second to none and payment processing is quick and efficient.

Today is a perfect day to open an account at Golden Lounge, take advantage of our deposit bonuses and be in with a chance of becoming the next Mega Moolah Multi Millionaire!


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