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Internet blackjack information site has published its annual Las VegasBlackjack survey, which gives information on every blackjack game offered in Sin City. The survey,which takes a considerable amount of time and resources to put together,sees Online Blackjack team members checking into the land based casinos throughout the Las Vegas Strip aswell as Downtown Las Vegas in order to decipher the various rules and limits on each blackjack game.

Through these surveys, the Online Blackjack team is then able to compile reports, analyzing the overall blackjack scene in Las Vegas and giving advice on the best locations to play at.

“We have been doing an annual blackjack survey for quite some time,” said owner Josh Chan. “We know that blackjack players are some of the smartest gamblers out there, and we like being able to provide them with the information required to give them the ability to create a strategy.” The survey takes a hard look at Single Deck, Double Deck, Shoe, and Video Blackjack within the world’s second largest gambling market, and the information tables provide the following information: Number of decks, minimum bet, maximum bet, whether the dealer hits on a soft 17, whether you can double down, whether you can double down after a split, whether you can surrender, how many tables have these rules, whether the table pays 6-5 on blackjack, and the hold percentage of the house.

In addition to hard data, the information contained in the reports includes well-written articles that break down the data, giving players the pertinent information regarding the games as a whole as well as spelling out the best spots to play each game.

In general, 2015 saw a huge decline in the quality of video blackjack, with the Venetian and Palazzo being the only spots in Sin City that still offer some 3-2 blackjack payouts on video machines. All other spots have lowered their payouts to 6-5 on blackjack, ruining the evolution that video tables saw in 2015.

Finding a good table game is also harder, as casinos look to lower blackjack payouts in an effort to cut costs and maximize profits in an industry that has been flat or stagnant for the past several years. Because of this, we have seen less spots offering single deck games, and many of the ones that do have poor rules and pay out 6-5. El Cortez takes home the best blackjack in Vegas award, as its single deck game still offer 3-2 payouts and doubling down on any two cards after splitting. Although El Cortez takes home the trophy for best blackjack in Vegas, the Double Deck game is growing in popularity in many other casinos, and if you’re visiting those other spots it is the game you should be playing.

Although minimum bets are often $25, the game pays out 3-2 on blackjacks and does offer a slew of rules that can be quite advantageous to a player using proper strategy.

Players considering playing shoe blackjack (more than two decks) in Vegas will note that many casinos have lowered the quality of low stakes tables as most tables under $25 will see 6-5 payouts. With that said, Treasure Island offers 3-2 payouts on every single table in its casino and the bets start at just $10, making it the best spot to play at if you’re going to be playing a shoe game.

Moving ahead, it is difficult to see how any casinos will be improving their blackjack games, as Las Vegas continues to see revenues stagnate and focus moves toward more entertainment options. Still, if you’re looking for diamonds in the rough, there are plenty to be found at casinos offering reasonable terms, and the annual blackjack survey at provides all of the ins and outs needed to make an informed decision. was founded in 1998 and has become one of the biggest names in blackjack information on the internet. The site is part of the Latest Casino Bonuses Network, and provides users with strategy guides, blackjack news, card counting tips, and games that allow users to test their skill in terms of proper strategy and counts.

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