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The popularity of both physical and online casinos is growing these days, suggesting that many people enjoy occasionally gambling for fun. If you enjoy going to the casino, then you probably already know that, unfortunately, you won’t always win – but for most people, the real fun comes from playing the game whether you walk out richer or not. There are several popular casino games to choose from, whether you’re playing in-person or online using a casino website or app. Here are some of the most popular:

#1. Slots:

Slots are popular at both online and traditional casinos; in fact, the growing availability of online casinos has made slots even more popular, with many offering hundreds of different options to choose from. In a traditional casino, a player will insert money into the slot machine before pressing a button or pulling a handle to spin the wheels. Once the wheels stop, the player is paid their winnings – if any – based on the pattern of symbols. When playing online, there’s no handle to press – usually, there’s a button in the game that spins the wheels just as it would on a physical slot machine. 

#2. Blackjack:

When it comes to casino table games, blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular, and this is because it’s not only a lot of fun – it’s also quite easy to play. This is a card game that is played between the dealer – also known as the house – and the player. The dealer begins by dealing out two cards to each player and two to themselves. The dealer will have one card facing up and the other facing down, and the players must take turns in trying to get their cards as close as possible to 21, calling ‘hit’ to get a new card or ‘stand’ if they want to stick with what they have. There’s also the option for a player to call ‘double’ which doubles their bet or split two identical cards into two new hands to play with. Online, blackjack is easy to play and is one of the most popular game options at online casinos such as NetBet casino Finnland, which offers a range of different blackjack gameplay options in their selection of table and card games. 

#3. Roulette:

Roulette is another hugely popular casino game that people have been playing for years, and it’s both fun, easy to play, and can be quite thrilling at times. In this game, the player places their chips on the table to wager them. The table is set up with numbers zero through to thirty-six and double zero, with further options to bet on even or odd, red or black, low or high 18, low, middle or high 12 and for the first, second or third columns. Once the bet is placed, the dealer will spin the wheel clockwise and then roll a ball anti-clockwise. When the ball lands on a numbered slot on the wheel, any bets that correspond with that number will win. 

#4. Poker:

Poker is one of the most popular card games out there and both online and traditional casinos often offer regular poker games and a range of poker tournaments. Poker is based on a five-card hand, and hands are ranked from the lowest to the highest, with the lowest being high card and the highest being royal flush. The player in possession of the best hand is the winner. 

#5. Craps:

This is a popular casino dice game where players can bet on a dice roll, a series of rolls, or a pair of dice. If the first roll of the dice brings up a seven or eleven, the shooter will win whatever they bet. Rolling a two, three or twelve on the first roll means that the shooter loses their bet, but not the dice. Rolling a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten makes that number their ‘point’. The shooter is then to keep on rolling until the point turns up again for a win or until a seven is thrown, in which case they will lose both their money and their dice. 

#6. Baccarat:

Also known as Punto Banco, this is one of the simpler casino games and is often a great choice for beginners and casino newcomers. It’s usually available at both traditional and online casinos. The main aim of this game is to determine which hand – either the Banco or the Punto – will be closest to nine. Players also have the option to bet on whether or not there will be a tie. 

#7. Pai Gow Poker:

In this variation of poker, the game is played against the house rather than against the other players. The dealer starts by dealing out seven cards to each player and themselves in rotation. Each player must then look at their cards and try to make the best five- and two-card poker hands. The five-card hand should rank higher than the two-card hand. Then, the players compare hands with the dealer’s hand – if both hands beat the dealer then the player wins. If both the dealer and the player win one hand, it’s a push. 

#8. Keno:

Keno is a lottery game in which the players are given a card numbered from 1-80. The player then picks up to twenty numbers and places a wager, before registering the card and beginning the game. Then, the caller announces twenty randomly drawn numbers and the player must try to match as many called numbers to the numbers that they have selected. The more numbers matched, the more the player will win. 

#9. Wheel of Fortune:

Also known as the Big Six, this game is played by betting on one of six available symbols on the table before spinning the wheel. The wheel is split into fifty-two sections equally separated around the edge. Once the wheel comes to a stop, the pointer lands between two pins – any bets placed on this symbol will win. 

Which is your favourite casino game to play?



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