New Game at Wizard of Odds Gives Blackjack Card Counters an Edge

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New Game at Wizard of Odds Gives Blackjack Card Counters an Edge

Players looking for an edge against the house can hone their skills online, thanks to a new blackjack game developed exclusively for the Wizard of Odds website. The new software loads directly into your browser and is highly customizable, giving players the chance to learn to adapt for any situation that can be experienced at a land casino.

Players using the new software will experience a crisp, high definition presentation set that is second to none for a trainer style game, also bringing players the opportunity to adjust the game in countless ways, allowing players to shape their experience in a way unseen until this time.

The software allows players to tick boxes that allow the game to warn on any strategy errors present, have the game show the active count, and select a turbo play mode that allows players to fit in as many hands as possible.

To adjust for the game’s strategy the following options are present:

  • 1-8 decks can be selected, and the re-shuffling of the deck can be set between 50-90%
  •  Dealer can peek or not peek for blackjack.
  • Dealer can hit on a soft 17 or stay on all 17s.
  • Split options can be as follows: No splits, split once, split twice, or splits up to three times allowed.
  • Splits can also be adjusted for receiving only one card or receiving multiple cards.
  • Double downs can be set to any two cards, on hard 9, 10, or 11 only, or on hard 10 and 11 only. Additionally, the double down can be adjusted to allow for splitting if it is desired.
  • Surrender options can be set to: not allowed, allowed against any card, and allowed on any card except Ace.
  • Table limits can be set anywhere in between $5 and $100,000 per hand.
  • There are also ten counting systems that can be set for monitoring, including: Ace-Five,
  • Hi-Lo, High Opt-I, High Opt-II, Insurance, KO, Omega II, OPP, Red 7, and Zen.


“We were striving to set the standard for blackjack card counting systems,” said, Wizard of Odds owner Josh Chan. “Without a doubt we feel we have designed a piece of software that is unique in the way that players can adjust the game to suit their needs. We certainly hope that this software gets into the hands of those who want to learn to count cards, and that they can eek out a small edge against the house.”


The piece of software is the latest addition to the Wizard of Odds’ software collection, which allows users to play various table games, video poker titles, and slot machines. These games are similar to the blackjack style game, which allow you to change a variety of options in which you can train yourself to play the game in the most effective way possible. While it may not be possible to swing the advantage in your direction, it is possible to minimize the edge that the house has, giving you the best chance to walk away on top. In addition to the software, the Wizard of Odds has a diverse set of guides, trainers, strategy guides, videos, calculators, and surveys pertaining to blackjack and other casino games. These guides all tap into the knowledge of the site’s founder Michael Shackleford , who is an actuary and has served as an analyst of casino games for several years. In addition to blackjack and the many variations of the game, the site covers side bets that are so popular among players, giving players the odds and the theoretical return over a period of betting.

“A lot of work has been put in to making the Wizard of Odds the go to place for strategic casino game analysis,” said Chan. “We look forward to continuing to work on behalf of players throughout the world while continuing to expand our site to continue to be one of the top resources when it comes to gambling strategy.”

The Wizard of Odds was founded by Michael Shackleford in 1997, and quickly became one of the top betting sites on the internet. In 2014 the site was sold to Joshua Chan and became part of the Latest Casino Bonuses Network, which is comprised of some of the top betting sites in the world.

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