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The most famous Swedish casino game developer is, without a doubt, NetEnt. NetEnt has more than a 1000 employees and are registered on the stock market NASDAQ Stockholm, Large Cap. While NetEnt currently is leading the race among casino game developers in Sweden, there are other companies in the casino game developing space that are rapidly catching up. One of the smaller and most promising firms in the field is Thunderkick. 

Thunderkick’s game library consists of about three dozen games which is rather small. With so few games it might seem like Thunderkick wouldn’t be threat to the bigger casino game developers. This is simply not true. The quality of Thunderkick’s games is astonishing. 

Just recently Thunderkick released two new exciting games: Divine Lotus and Riders of the storm. Reportedly both Divine Lotus and and Riders of the storm have been overwhelmingly well received.

Divine Lotus is an Asian themed slot packed with cute symbols and valuable wilds. The slot is based on Pink Elephants, one of the most appreciated slots from Thunderkick launched a few years ago. 

Riders of the storm is more advanced than we are used to when it comes to Thunderkick. This game has four different bonus game. Each of the games consists of free spins with various twists.  

It remains to be seen if Divine Lotus and Riders of the storm will stand the test of time. But even if they wouldn’t, Thunderkick still has a bunch of games that already are considered all time classics. 

One of the classics is called Frog Grog. Thunderkick’s own description of the game reads, “Moth wings, eyeballs and hair of a witch, Bottles and flasks could make you rich! Frog Grog has Wild Frogs, a Mystery Game and an increasing Multiplier that let's you stay hot at the top.”

The overall atmosphere of the game is chilling and ghastly with a captivating magical tone. Most slots nowadays contain 5 reels and that is also the case in this slot machine. There are 24 fixed pay lines and the theoretical payout rate to players is at 96.1%. There is one thing in this game that differs from normal slots and that is how the reels work. The function of the reels might be inspired from one of Thunderkick’s first games, Esqueleto Explosivo. The symbols fall from above, instead of spinning on a wheel, and if the symbols create a line, those symbols magically disappears and other symbols appear in their place. Frog Grog is an entertaining game with nice bonus system with up to 7x multiplier and a mystery game that appears randomly.

Perhaps the most famous game ever created by Thunderkick is Esqueleto Explosivo. This game is particularly popular in internet casinos in Mexico, most likely due to the charming Mexican theme. Together with the skulls in the game you will celebrate the Day of the dead which falls on our Halloween weekend. Mexicans celebrate and honor their dead with food and drink that the dead may need when they return to earth this day.

Another great innovation of Thunderkick is Turning Totems. In Turning Totems you can win from both left to right and right to left. Normally winning lines are only considered from left to right. The game is clearly inspired from the Indian wild life. The 5 reels consist of 5 totem poles which each have three rotating heads. They will start to rotate when you press the spin button. The game features sleeping wilds and a bonus game that unlocks 5 free spins.


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