Most well-paying progressive jackpot slots and how to win at them

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If you have tried your hand at Progressive Jackpot Slots before, you’d be very well aware that the wins from these games can run into millions of dollars, with many of them reaching even 7 figures! 


Let’s tell you about some of the most well-paying progressive jackpot slots and how you can win at them. Please note, you can play many such progressive jackpot slots and more at www.Mansioncasino.com/slots. With a huge variety of action packed slots, jackpots and excellent customer service makes this casino one of the best in the industry. 


Mega Moolah

The average jackpot delivered by this Microgaming slot game in the year 2018 was $ 7.2 million. It’s not without reason that it is referred to as the king of progressive jackpot slots. Mega Moolah’s jackpot triggered a total of 7 times in 2018, and delivered in excess of $ 50 million. You can read about one of these wins on this page of our website at gambling911.com. This game is connected to hundreds of casino platforms in different parts of the world, each one contributing to the prize pool. In fact, the game held the record for the biggest recorded pay-out at one point of time, with a Cheshire soldier having won a whopping £ 13.2 million with a £ 0.25 spin in 2015. You can read more on it at bbc.com. A truly fascinating story that shows you that with a bit of luck, one can be an instant millionaire. 


Mega Fortune

This is another extremely popular progressive jackpot slot game in the online gambling world. Developed and supplied by NetEnt, it’s the main rival of Mega Moolah, and has delivered pay outs as huge as € 17.8 million in the past. Some of the other notable wins scored with this game include € 11.2 million, € 4.9 million and € 8.7 million.


Hall of Gods

A creation of NetEnt once again, Hall of Gods is a progressive jackpot slot themed around Norse Mythology (Read more on this mythology at Brittanica.com). This slot game has delivered pay outs to the tune of £ 7.7 million on several occasions. Although it hasn’t accomplished the record-breaking heights like Mega Fortune and Mega Mooolah, it does offer an excellent RTP.

Tips and strategies to win at Progressive Jackpot Slots

Please note, there is no sure shot method to win consistently at progressive jackpot slots. But there are some means you can employ to improve your chances of winning.

Seek overdue jackpots - Despite the fact that a random number generator keeps every spin unique and with an equal chance of winning, the jackpot might not be always of the same size. Seek out games who are at their average jackpot size or higher to improve your winning chances.

Utilize bonus promotions – There might be some casinos that offer bonus promotions that cover even progressive slots. In case you find any such platforms, make the most of such offers. Please note, many reload bonuses and welcome offers require you to make a deposit before you avail the free spins, hence, read the terms and conditions well before committing.


Review the withdrawal limits – There are several online casinos that place limits on the amount of money you can withdraw from them each month. These limits might vary depending upon the payment method used by you. Make sure that you refer to such conditions before depositing any money or playing any progressive jackpot slots.


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