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Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games. There are a lot of gamblers that wager a lot of money in the hopes of getting lucky. This leaves a lot of roulette stories behind to be told from the wheel. Successful or not, the stories are related to the highs and lows experienced by certain players at the roulette tables. What follows are some of the best stories of the most famous roulette bets that have been told again and again over the years.


The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo

Joseph Jagger is also known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo“ in 1873. He believed that not all roulette wheels were perfect. Therefore, he hired people to track down the numbers that were coming up on every roulette table in Monte Carlo’s famous casino. After studying them for several days, he found out that one wheel in particular was showing a bias towards nine numbers. Thanks to his close observations, he was able to win £65,000 which today worth well over £3 million.


The Man of Many Bets

Mike Ashley is a man of many roles, as he is currently a businessman, owner of Sports Direct and Newcastle FC, and ultimately a billionaire. Despite having such various sources of income, Ashley owes a good deal of his fortune to his luck at the roulette table. One of his most profitable bets would have confused even the most experienced UK live dealers, but luckily for Mike, the whole combination of inside bets, odd and black bets and several more successfully turned him a profit of £820,000.


The Crook Who Broke the Bank

A couple of years later, a crook named Charles Wells “broke the bank” at every roulette table he played within eleven hours. A few months later he won again, gathering over a million francs. According to him, his win was a combination of an aggressive martingale strategy and luck.


Put It All On Red 7

In 2004, Ashley Revell from London decided to bet all his savings on Red. He was able to raise $135,300 and decided to put it all on one single bet. This attracted a lot of media attention. His parents decided to go along with him to Las Vegas, but thought that this was a bad idea. The roulette wheel started spinning and a few moments later he did it. He doubled his money and walked away with $270,600. He even tipped the dealer $600. When he returned home he decided to use the money to set up his own poker site.


Illusionist With Bad Vision

In 2009, an illusionist named Derren Brown made the worst mistake of his life. He believed that according to the laws of physics he can predict on what roulette number the ball would land. He took £5,000 from his own savings and put it all on number 8 right after the roulette wheel began spinning. Unfortunately, the ball landed on number 30, one pocket over.

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