Is the Modern Bingo Model One that Online Casinos Will Look to Replicate?

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Online casinos were the driving force behind the online gambling boom in the 2000s and 2010s, and there is no doubt that they are still the industry leaders by some distance. However, the online bingo industry is threatening to challenge casinos in the future. Operators in this sector have realised that they need to do more in order to compete with casinos, so they seem to be more dedicated to developing a brand identity and providing an integrated experience.


Online Bingo Sites Have a Unique Identity

While online casinos may all look fairly similar these days, bingo options are able to stand out from the crowd because of the unique brand identity that they strive to convey. Buzz Bingo is a fantastic example of this, as the company portrays a message of fun and inclusion in all of its games. It aims to create a community spirit in which anyone can get involved. This is shown through the accessibility of some of its games.

A good example of this is the Action Bank slot game, which is one of the simplest slots on the market. The heist-themed game has a retro feel to it, as it isn’t jampacked with complicated features and side games. It has 20 win lines and five reels, meaning that there is no risk of players getting confused when working out where their matching symbols lie.

Aside from the inclusion aspect of bingo sites like this, operators have also worked hard to make them instantly recognisable to players. Buzz Bingo has a striking design scheme that is consistent across all its pages and products. That’s one of the reasons why the company has picked up various accolades including Best Omni-Channel Solution at the EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards in 2019.

Straddling Online and Offline Worlds

Bingo was one of the most popular land-based pastimes in the western world for decades, but there was a decline in halls in the 2000s. The game bounced back online, but operators still stay true to its roots when developing their products. Bingo sites are designed to reflect the social experience that bingo halls used to provide, only in a different setting. This is done through community features and videos where players can have some fun and a few giggles.

The great thing about brands like the aforementioned Buzz Bingo is the fact that it has decided to straddle both the online and offline worlds with its products. In addition to the site, it has a number of bingo clubs in various cities across the UK. This allows players to enjoy an integrated experience, which is something that other offshoots of the gaming industry could look to replicate. It is certainly something that online casino operators would also like to do.


Because online bingo sites are behind casinos in terms of playing figures, they are willing to do more to attract people. This means that they are open to innovation and are dedicated to developing an enjoyable user experience. Although bingo sites have copied a lot from online casinos in the past, the roles may be reversed in the future if bingo continues on this impressive upwards trajectory.


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