Mobile Gambling Access – Financial Boon for Online Gambling Industry

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The introduction of mobile gambling less that a decade ago did much more than offer online gamblers another mode of access . It gave them an option that was far more convenient than having to sit down with a PC or laptop in the living room. They were given the opportunity to gambler on casino games or sports at anytime from anywhere they could get a data connection. Something else very unexpected happened in the process.

It’s no longer a secret that the online gambling industry has been growing by double-digit percentages year-over-year over the last five years. Furthermore, it’s no coincidence that the growth rate of online gambling has been closely mirroring the percentage growth of gamblers who began accessing gambling sites with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet). One day, gambling software developers like Nektan are building a web-based platform in support of Nektan casinos, and the next day, the company is diverting much of its energy developing games for a mobile environment. To be clear, the name of almost every important online gambling software developer could be substituted for the name Nektan.

Up until five years ago, the online gambling industry seemed to be operating under the assumption the online gambling market was more or less a niche market. Industry leaders certainly hoped there was more interest in online gambling lying somewhere beneath the surface, but there really wasn’t an effective way to gauge the potential of the online gambling industry in terms of marketability. The answer regarding potential is being answered every day now.

It’s turns out that limited access had long been deterrent among people who may have had an interest in gambling online, but never had the time to sit down and start playing online casino games or betting on sports at home or work. With the newfound ability to gamble with a mobile device from anywhere they could find a connection, a surprising number of gamblers began coming out of the closet.  

For online gambling concerns, the increase in revenues has turned out to be a real boon if not surprising. After factoring in the increasing number of countries that have or are in the process of legalizing online gambling for its residents, it’s becoming very clear why the online gambling industry has become one of the fastest growing industries on the internet. Mobile gambling is driving the growth across a wider market.

Not only are more people taking advantage of the opportunity to gamble on the go, but regular customers are beginning to gamble more often. Both factors are providing a large increase in revenues for online operators, numbers that are exceeding all expectations.

As for the future of online gambling, other new technologies are on the horizon. As mobile gambling technology improves and new technologies like Virtual Reality get thrown into the mix, there’s every reason to believe the online gambling industry will be able to maintain current growth patterns. How important has mobile gambling become to the industry? Fifty-percent of all online access is being initiated through mobile devices, and the number is growing.


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