Microgaming Finally Rolls Out Castle Builder II Slot Machine

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Microgaming Finally Rolls Out Castle Builder II Slot Machine Back in 2014, we let our readers know of Rabcat's most innovative and successful real money game, Castle Builder.

Three years have passed ever since, and the Austrian developer kept pumping out high-quality games through its exclusive partner Microgaming, the developer behind many online casinos, including https://ca.allslotscasino.com/. While all these games were beautiful and great, none of them managed to reach the high standards of Castle Builder when it comes to complexity and entertainment value. This until now, as Rabcat's sequel to the successful Castle Builder slot machine, called Castle Builder II, was finally released at the All Slots and all other Microgaming-powered online casinos. As in the case of its predecessor, Castle Builder II was released at the Austrian lottery operator's Win2Day online gaming portal long before it hit the international market. Non-German speaking players at the All Slots had to wait until the international release that happened just recently - but it was worth the wait. Castle Builder II is everything its predecessor was, and then some, offering players a series of features no slot machine has had before.

A new way to play?

Castle Builder II represents a brand new approach to slot machines. Of course, the spinning reels are still part of the mix - and a quite important part, too, since they are used to gather the building materials needed to finish the castle. Yet players will also experience progression in the game with its numerous achievements, gather experience points, and unlock further kingdoms to build castles in. By the way, the game has 15 kingdoms with 75 castles to build and over 300 characters - kings, queens, princes, princesses, and suitors - to interact with. And to make things even better, each kingdom has its own specific background music inside the game.

The long wait

Microgaming has announced the release of Castle Builder II at this year's ICE Totally Gaming in February. By that time, the game was already live at win2day.at, yet in German only - which was not a big problem since the game is pretty self-explanatory. International audiences had to wait almost half a year since the original announcement to be able to try the game for real money - but it was worth the wait. Castle Builder II is such a captivating and exciting game that it makes its players forget about credits and coins and focus on building the next castle. And the next one.

In other news

In other news, Microgaming has released its long-anticipated "Jurassic World" slot machine and has more great games to come. The Isle of Man-based developer has recently announced a new licensing agreement to build a slot machine based on John Carpenter's classic slasher "Halloween".

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