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Playing with odds has always been a classic form of entertainment. From poker games to slot machines, many people have had their own share of fun and winnings while playing in casinos. The industry has also evolved with technology and is now entering an era where anyone can play different games or slots all while sitting comfortably in their own home.

If you’re one of those avid fans, these five software programs are a must-try:


Realtime Gaming

Serious players of the game can lay odds with Realtime Gaming or RTG because it is one of the fastest games online. The RTG software is known to offer instant play and downloadable versions of the said games.

Realtime Gaming is also the most USA-friendly software providers on the market powering a lot of new online casinos and existing ones which are based in the US. Its classic game is a hit among thousands of players because it allows for double downing on any two first cards and doubling after splitting. Other games offered by Realtime Gaming include Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs, Pontoon and Super 21.


Evolution Gaming

Staying true to its name, Evolution Gaming defines the evolution of playing with odds today. After all, it is considered one of the best software for live gaming, a trend that is increasingly growing in online games these days.

With Evolution Gaming, you get to take one of the seven seats at a live table or “Bet Behind” where there are no limits to the number of players. Evolution Gaming also has added features like “Side Bet” and “Pre-Decision.” You get to see real cards being dealt by real dealers who will interact with you throughout the game. And the best part is, you can play live on any device including your desktop, smartphone or tablet.


Amaya Gaming Blackjack

The Amaya Gaming Group is no stranger to online games. In fact, it is one of Canada’s most powerful gaming businesses with products for both land and web-based markets.

With a series of games under its belt, it’s no surprise that Amaya Gaming also took the plunge in blackjack with six available offerings on its online casino software.

According to experts, the best game in its repertoire is Single Deck Blackjack, which has one of the lowest house edge figures in the market at just 0.26%. Other games on Amaya Gaming’s list include Atlantic City, Micro-Limit, Perfect Pairs, Vegas and Lucky 7.



Playtech is already an institution in online gaming and it is most popular for being one of the first to offer a live casino experience to online players. Playtech offers an immersive experience to players since you can instantly see a dealer and the table on your screen after logging into your account and selecting the game you want to play.

The Playtech platform offers live games from some of the most prestigious casinos so you can enjoy playing in Las Vegas or Atlantic City without even leaving your home. The 21 Duel is one of Playtech’s most popular games where you get to choose between one-player and three-player tables. Switch, on the other hand, is dealt two hands and all cards are facing up. The player then gets to make two identical bets.



There is good reason that Microgaming is the most popular software for gaming around the world. After all, it is the only provider that offers the most web-based games in the market and it has wide variations making it a hit to thousands of the game’s fans worldwide.

Aside from its classic version, Microgaming also offers a gold version where games have higher minimum wagers and are perfect for serious high rollers. Attlantic City is one of its most popular offerings where eight card decks are played and bets for the standard version can be anywhere from $2 to $5,000.

Big 5 is another standard game, which is played with five decks of cards. Gold series players can place a bet of $5 to $200 for this game. There is also the Bonus where a player has an optional side bet.

Technology is definitely playing a huge role in revolutionizing the way we enjoy a good game of odds. Whether it’s poker or slot machines, having access to software programs that allow us to enjoy our favorite games has elevated this classic form of entertainment to a whole new level.


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