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A Live Casino experience emulates in-person gaming that used to be globally popular. Here’s what’s so great about live games and some downsides.

Live Casino Gaming: What To Expect & Crucial Considerations


Regular casino operators ruled supreme for a long time in the industry, but online operators revolutionized the sector. The live casino experience quickly allowed punters to take another giant leap forward thanks to modern technology. Ironically, the live aspect of online casino gaming served to remind players of the unique brick-and-mortar atmosphere. Regardless, the situation nowadays is unlike anyone could have imagined two decades ago.


The live gaming experience combines the practicality of online gambling with the real-time, in-person aspect of land-based gaming. Unlike classic virtual casino games, live dealer titles include direct streaming and a human dealer on the other end. However, despite numerous novelties characteristic for every new technology, live gaming is still far from ideal. If you’re considering trying this type of gaming, join us as we observe some of the pros and cons.


Live Casino Benefits & Disadvantages: Vital Considerations


The central aspect of live gaming you should keep in mind is that its benefits are far more numerous than the downsides. One could even say that live dealer games reinvigorated online gaming. Additionally, this gambling method brings forward much more than just mobility. Some of the most significant benefits include:


  • The latest technology

  • Physical and temporal independence

  • Gaming against actual humans.


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The Latest Technology


Despite sounding like something you could do without, technology plays a critical role in any online experience. Indeed, the device you’re using and the connection stability can easily make or break your online presence. Whether you’re watching a YouTube video or trying to withdraw a multi-million online casino jackpot, the technological aspect is vital.


Therefore, the ability to experience advanced systems and cutting-edge features help with providing the next-level experience. For example, in the case of live casino gaming, HD streaming brings you uniquely close to the action. However, you can also access various features from a virtual panel and chat with the dealer. Such technology brings players remarkably close to the genuine casino atmosphere.


Physical & Temporal Independence


Okay, okay, we admit it - we were trying to sound super “official.” What we meant to say was that live gaming lets you enjoy in-person gambling anytime and from anywhere. Regardless of which casino game you prefer, you have access to it typically 24/7, and from anywhere you like.


In other words, you only need a tablet or smartphone, and you can jump into your casino account effortlessly. Nowadays, most live platforms support instant play, meaning you’re seconds away from chatting with a friendly dealer and winning a jackpot.


Gaming Against Actual Humans


The most apparent advantage that live gaming has over virtual betting is playing against a human. In other words, having a human dealer on the opposite end makes the experience incomparably more realistic. Besides the dealer’s personal touch, you can also communicate with them, which helps in creating a live gambling experience. A particularly effective touch is the dealers’ professionalism and, in many cases, physical appearance, which makes gaming pleasurable.


Live Casino Gaming Downsides


Unfortunately for countless live gaming enthusiasts worldwide, this form of online gambling also has cons. Despite not being significant enough to deter players, the young technology can still dampen the experience. The most common issues include:


  • Higher Minimum Bets

  • A limited gaming library

  • Various technical issues.


Higher Minimum Bets


When it comes to why live casino gambling typically features higher minimum bets, they include different explanations. Among the most common examples is that maintenance cost is much higher for live gaming than traditional, virtual casinos. 


This downside means that beginners are not the live casinos’ target audience due to incompatibility. In other words, the minimum bets are higher than standard online casinos, but there are also no free live games. Unfortunately, beginner casino enthusiasts will likely opt for regular virtual games instead of live titles due to the higher stakes.


A Limited Gaming Library


Most punters hold this particular shortcoming in the highest regard when it comes to live gaming’s downsides. The range of live dealer games is almost never a match for most online casino libraries, which sometimes number more than 2,000 titles. The reason for the disparity once again comes from the running costs. Live casinos cost significantly more than regular online casinos, meaning developers avoid jumping to an extensive portfolio.


For example, you may have noticed that a typical live dealer segment includes barely a dozen titles. These games are typically popular card and table games like baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack. Despite numerous casinos addressing this issue and increasing their Live offering, the process is too slow for many punters.


Various Technical Issues


In terms of age, the online gambling industry has only recently begun featuring live games more prominently. Consequently, implementing any new technology into the mainstream comes with issues. The risk of technical problems increases due to the live gaming streaming from separate studios via video link. 


In other words, if you had plans of streaming live casino games via 3G, we recommend putting that idea to rest. There is no way you can enjoy fast-paced live gaming action through such a slow connection. In other words, live casinos call for fast and stable connectivity, which players in many parts of the world still struggle to secure.


Final Thoughts


The boundaries of modern technologies are almost non-existent. If you can think of something, an engineer somewhere in the world will figure out a way to make it real. This thought process was also what gave birth to the idea of live dealer gaming, and look where the industry is at right now.


A live casino is an excellent opportunity to bring something new into your online gambling career. However, don’t forget to exercise the same restraint and responsibility you would for any gaming session, online or otherwise. Only gamble if you are above the legal age limit in your jurisdiction. Good luck! 


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