LCB Purchases WorldCasinoDirectory.com for $1.7M

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LatestCasinoBonuses.com is expanding its network once again with the $1.7 million acquisition of WorldCasinoDirectory.com, Latest Casino Bonuses,an online and land-based gambling portal.

The network is growing strong, also having previously acquired WizardofOdds.com, GamesandCasino.com and BJ21.com, to name a few. Exploring WDC The moment you set your sights on the homepage, you realize that you’ve hit the jackpot.

It becomes clear that this site is built upon a foundation of online and land-based casinos plus bingo, poker, lotteries, sports and racing. The main focus is casinos from around the world, which include new openings, online options, game rules, jurisdiction information, news, review and much more. The site is well known, especially to those on the hunt for land-based casinos.

To date, the directory features more than 4,000 brick and mortar properties. Tribal gaming is big business in the US and WDC covers the latest news.Further gaming news is categorized by regions: Asia, North American,Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe and Oceania. You’ll also learn where to play various games and find the perfect place to play them online or off. Not only is the site a useful resource for players, it’s also useful for those of us in the industry. Search legislative and regulatory news, upcoming iGaming conferences, statistics, employment opportunities and even casinos for sale.

LCB’s Intentions

There is always room for improvement but LCB has no intention of changing the original owner’s mission for the site. In fact, they will share information to improve upon the offerings at WDC and the rest of the sites in the LCB Network. This is a sigh of relief for WDC’s regular visitors. Expect to find the same quality content in the same great place.

New owner, Joshua Chan of LCB, commented, “Bernard and I agreed to the deal late last year after several weeks of negotiations. I came to know that Bernard was interested in possibly selling the site after he mentioned in an unrelated email if I was interested in looking to make another big purchase I should drop him a line."

“After chatting we discovered that we shared a similar vision for the site and I put his mind at ease ensuring we would retain all of his staff and friendly work environment.

“My team at LCB have big plans for the site and are very excited to build on what Bernard and his team have already done.”*

The previous owner, Bernard Richter, commented, "Selling the World Casino Directory was one of the most difficult decisions I've made in my life. I had become truly attached to the people I work with and the World Casino Directory itself over the last decade.

Thankfully, meeting Joshua and his extremely talented team has given me a great source of relief and pleasure, because beyond realizing what a big heart this man has, I also know with his leadership and skills that this team will be able to realize the vision I've always had for the site. I will be following their progress closely. One last note, on a very personal level, I've enjoyed meeting quite a few of you reading this article over the last decade, and plan to see you all in my future endeavors."

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