LCB Brings Awareness to Gamblers with 2 New News Sections

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Educating players is one of the main focuses of LCB. A smart gambler is a happy gambler and bringing the latest developments in the Casino industry is an important aspect of the site. Casino Warnings and Predatory Terms.
Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and the business ethics of a small minority of online Casinos can be less than trustworthy.
In the Casino Warning section players will get firsthand reports as soon as they are received regarding sites that should be avoided. Details describing the reasons are explained and claims are validate. Information is gathered primarily from issues reported by players.
Just as LCB wants to protect the player it is also equally important to protect the Casino from unwarranted complaints. To determine whether or not a casino should be labeled with a warning depends on a few factors.
It is a serious matter to place a Casino as a warning therefor carefully considered and reviewed beforehand. Red flags include:


  • Numerous customer complaints
  • Unresolved player issues
  • Unreasonable processing time on withdrawals
  • Non-payment of cash-outs
  • Labeling a player as an unwarranted “Bonus Abuser”
  • Poor customer support


Predatory terms and conditions

The Predatory Terms is a section of the news that has great significance in determining the integrity of a Casino.

Some of the predatory terms and conditions will include:

  • Wagering requirements that are so high they are near impossible to reach playthrough
  • More than a 1x wagering requirement on a straight deposit
  • Allowing certain countries to register an account but only allowing the maximum withdrawal amount to be no more than deposit regardless of how much was won · Unreasonable withdrawal limits · Allowed to confiscate winnings at any time, for any reason
  • Closing a players account at the casino’s discretion without having a strong valid reason


The list of reason above for Warnings and Predatory Terms is just part of some of the examples that are indicative of a shady operation.
By publishing these news articles players will gain the knowledge that is imperative in making the right casino choices. With so many online Casinos options available today it is easy to overlook terms or player issues reported on forums or comment sections in a review. Knowledge is the key to success and LCB is proud to provide yet another valuable asset to gamblers through the latest rouge casino news trending in the industry.

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