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The Korean gambling industry is booming as operators launch more and more online casinos, providing players with great bonuses, striking games, and payment methods to seamlessly deposit and withdraw. And as the industry is so well-developed, it's reasonable to offer players a guide to navigate through this iGaming Korean world. So here comes kr-casinos.com to help.

Due to the well-structured information on the site, players can find out how things work here, how to reveal trustworthy casinos, why some bonuses are better than others, and how to make deposits and withdrawals with no fees. All the answers to these questions are displayed in the reviews of kr-casinos.com, the project that was launched in September 2021 by ScanTeam.

In a nutshell, this project covers:


  • Korean online casinos with licenses and cutting-edge games

  • Types of casino software and rules to play them

  • Basic rules to play Live table games with dealers 

  • Information about mobile gaming

  • Tips to find and claim the best bonuses

  • Free slots to read about and to play


So any newcomer will learn everything about gambling, share their opinion, and read the feedback from other players. However, experienced Korean gamblers will also discover some useful things to save time and find all information about a casino or a certain game in one place instead of exploring the site themselves.

Intuitive Interface for Everyone

Whether you are a regular reader or a newcomer to this site, you will easily understand its concept as the interface of kr-casinos.com is intuitive and designed for both mobile users and those who prefer gambling on desktops. 

The main page includes the top menu and an article describing how online casinos work in Korea. Via the menu, visitors can find detailed casino reviews, information about table games, Live titles, and some free slots. 

The search bar located on the right will allow readers to find certain brands, such as providers and operators, or types and names of games. The banner on the right displays the available bonuses and the links for players to claim these presents. As well as with bonuses, casino reviews are also equipped with links to visit the sites of the described operators.

In general, the design of this project is also appealing and plain, which makes it easy to read information without getting distracted by too bright and inappropriate banners.


And one of the features the project boasts of is an opportunity to leave comments and read what other players think of a certain casino or game.

Social Media Channels

To help readers get access to reviews and other information posted at kr-casinos.com independently, the team provided access to it via several methods, including social media pages. They are Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts to notify gamblers about news in the industry and let the subscribers communicate with each other.

The more opportunities the project has, the wider the audience is, right? Moreover, it’s a good way for the team to understand gamblers and for the readers to convey to us what should be improved. So watch the news, check out the gameplay of new slots, and simply get in touch! 

The Talented Team of kr-casinos.com 

It’s truly hard to launch a new project without good support from partners. And the fact that ScanTeam.pro is the company that stands behind kr-casinos.com leaves no doubt that this project will be a blast!

ScanTeam is already famous for a range of useful and grand gambling projects in different jurisdictions. And both the company’s experience and passion for innovation will allow its fresh project to win the hearts of Korean gamblers. 

The core idea of ScanTeam is to deliver a truly immersive experience to gamblers all over the world. And these are the things that help the team follow this approach:


  • The team consists of those who know and enjoy gambling and includes Korean specialists

  • Reviews of casinos and games are provided only after detailed research by the team

  • Each detail is proofread and double-checked before publishing

  • Information on the site is updated round the clock to be up-to-date


In 2021, ScanTeam launched a bunch of other projects as well, so the year is really fruitful. And the team’s efforts haven’t been in vain as more and more players join legal gambling that is now more than just one-day fun but the entertainment gamblers wisely choose on a regular basis!


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