Internet Casino: How Not to Be Cheated?

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A lot has happened in the past decade or so, and the trust between users and tech companies has somewhat eroded. It started when Edward Snowden shared his inside information on how the governments monitor their citizens, and then there were a series of scandals with companies who collected and sold user data. Ever since people were more concerned with online safety and where they create accounts. So, if you like casino games and gambling but are concerned about your privacy and safety, stick around to find how not to be cheated while playing on the internet. 

Choosing a Safe Platform 

In order for you to feel safer while playing at an online casino, you need to go for a site that is regulated and licensed. This doesn’t automatically mean the site is doing everything by the book, but you know that there is an entity that can hold that platform accountable for its actions. Also, you will be able to see on PlaySafe US which will be launched soon any safe online gambling USA site must have a license of high authority. This will allow you to enjoy your content with regulated and safe operators, but we will mention some tricks on how to identify a suitable platform on your own. Because it can come in handy if you don’t plan to play on a US-regulated site. 

Check the License and Regulatory Body

If you wish to do a background check on a certain operator, find their license number, and who regulates them. This is something that tends to be displayed on the website but if you cannot find the information, you can reach out to their customer support and ask about the license number. If it seems like you can’t get the answer to that simple question, maybe the platform is not operating legally. 


Bear in mind though that there are countries where online gambling businesses are illegal, like South Korea. Meaning if you come across the operators from those countries they are not operating legally, but they aren’t necessarily scamming their users. 

Read User Reviews 

You can also find out if a specific site tricked other users into depositing funds, and never paid out their winnings, by reading user reviews. Users tend to be vocal about their negative experience, and if you find multiple reviews that state how a casino scammed them just avoid that platform. This is rarely going to be the case with reputable and big platforms that tend to dominate this market. 


If you come across a poorly designed website, with a small game library and poor mobile optimization, then chances are that it is not a trusted provider. The online casino site is the main asset for this business so a poorly designed site doesn’t give off a genuine impression that someone is approaching this business seriously. That’s why you should always read reviews if available, for that operator.

RTP rates and House Edge

Online casinos tend to make changes or adjustments to traditional games which can affect your winnings or house edge. For example, some casinos might pay 3/2 or 5/3 times the wagered amount in blackjack when you hit blackjack, whereas the traditional rule dictates that the payment should be 2/1. 


This is not cheating, since you agreed to it, but it’s not wise to play with an operator that purposefully pays out less than someone else. You can also read RTP rates for each slot game, as some can be almost 98% whereas others can be around 95% or even less, meaning the payout potential is lower. Again this isn’t really cheating, it just means you are not making an informed decision. 

Available Payment Methods

Another way you might feel cheated is if you are having difficulties withdrawing your winnings. Again this is a casino trying to trick it’s just that they can’t accommodate a transfer request via your preferred payment method, even if deposits were possible via that same payment method. You are then forced to use a wire transfer that can last for days, and you might have difficulties clearing the payment with your bank. So, always check what are the available withdrawal methods at a casino you want to play. 


It is advised nowadays to choose operators that allow you to make and withdraw payments using cryptocurrencies. It’s fast, safe, and you can even play without creating an account. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about sites sharing your private information with 3rd parties.  

Bonus Terms and Conditions 

Finally, there are instances where casinos can deny your request for withdrawal. A lot of users feel cheated if this happens, but that’s because they did not read the terms and conditions for a bonus or a promo code. Casinos usually have wagering requirements attached to these promotions, and if those aren’t met when someone is trying to make a withdrawal the casino has the right to deny that request until the requirements are fulfilled. So, before you claim any bonuses, make sure you are comfortable with wagering requirements.


As you can see the only time an online gambling site will try to cheat you is if you are playing on sketchy platforms. That being said you can still end up in a situation where you feel cheated which definitely feels bad. So, do some research before choosing the operator or any bonus that is available, to avoid these situations. 


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