How Video Games Improve Your Memory and Problem-Solving Skills

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Earlier, video games were dismissed as unhealthy by many who did not grasp the full potential of the medium. Recent studies have discovered that video games have a lot of health benefits for children and adults alike. Despite containing a simulated environment, video games can have tangible benefits that make the lives of the players better in more ways than one. Even playing free online pokies Australia can have a positive effect on your memory, problem-solving ability, and stress levels. Here is a detailed explanation of the key benefits.

Video Games Bring About A Boost in Grey Matter

In the human brain, grey matter contains an overwhelming majority of neurons, so it is important for muscle control, sensory perceptions, speaking, writing, etc. Several peer-reviewed studies have discovered that regular video gamers have more grey matter in their brains than others. This increased level of grey matter improves the overall level of neural connectivity as well. Therefore, a boost in the grey matter will lead to better muscle control and more expertise in sensory perceptions as well. Enhanced grey matter levels can also help with stress relief.

The study discovered that video games also have a beneficial effect on the insular cortex, which is a part of your brain that is devoted to linguistic and sensory processing. In the study, active video gamers and non-gamers were examined via a functional MRI scan. It was discovered that the insular cortex of the regular video gamers had enhanced connectivity. The grey matter volume was also much higher than normal - proving the link between grey matter and video games.

Video Games Also Boost Cognitive Processes Such As Memory

A recent study published by Nature magazine discovered that video games could also have beneficial results for adults struggling with memory issues. In fact, video games are a vital element in most “brain fitness” routines - which is a special regimen designed to improve the cognitive processes of the human brain.

Working memory is one of the areas that you will be able to enhance if you play video games on a regular basis. This opens up an exciting avenue of possibilities when it comes to the treatment of individuals with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. For the most part, strategy video games are very effective in this regard.

Apart from older people, video games can also have memory benefits for children. A recent study showed that people who played video games as children had better working memories as adults. The study combined transcranial magnetic stimulation (TCMS) with video games and showed once and for all the tangible memory benefits that video games can have for you.

Playing Video Games Can Also Help You Study and Learn

It is a very well-known fact that video games have a lot of potential for education. This is the main reason why most educational apps make use of a strategy known as “gamification” for better user experience and impact. If the educational experience is designed like a video game set with challenges, rewards, etc., then the learning experience is better.

Using a video game environment can make the learning process more engaging and natural - making it one of the most ideal mediums of imparting knowledge. For kids and adults alike, video games can be used to impart all kinds of knowledge and skills. Video games also enhance your visual processing skills, which you can use to improve your spatial awareness.

Last but not least, strategy video games also encourage kids to practice critical thinking. By exposing children to healthy video games from a young age, you will be able to inculcate a problem-solving mindset in your child. Every time you do something new, even if you play an Australian casino online, you will be able to enjoy the new experience and acquire new skills.

Numerous Mental Health Benefits 

A recent study conducted by the University of Oxford found out that video games can have a beneficial effect on overall mental health also. In a breakthrough for the field, the scientists at Oxford made use of actual gameplay data to come to their conclusions for the first time.

The study reported that people who tend to play Nintendo’s popular game ‘Animal Crossing’ tend to report a higher level of well-being and happiness than people who don’t. Another game they talked about was Plants vs Zombies, which is extremely popular among adults and kids of all ages. The study was conducted on actual playtime data, not anecdotal reports.

Previous research attempts into this field were not very successful because they had to rely on self-reported time playing. On the other hand, researchers working on this product were able to link questionnaires and surveys directly into the game environment. Even though only 2 games were studied, it is quite clear that video games have numerous mental health benefits.

The Overall Strengths of Video Games


  • Video games help to increase the content of gray matter in the brain, thus leading to better neural connectivity and heightened reflexes. Sensory perception is also improved, and higher gray matter content has also been linked with better methods of stress management.

  • Video games help to enhance certain cognitive processes, such as memory and problem-solving. While this is ideal for kids and students, the beneficial effects of video games can also be extended to senior citizens who are struggling with dementia.

  • Video games also help with developing critical thinking and problem solving, which is why many educational apps use “gamification” techniques to engage their users. It is one of the most effective ways of helping students learn in an effective way.

  • Video games also come with a host of mental health benefits, according to a study conducted with real-time play data by researchers from Oxford University. This can be construed as conclusive proof that video games are a multifaceted tool that can be used for the benefit of society in general.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there has been a lot of research in the area of the beneficial effects of video games. All these scientific studies will help to drive away from the misconception that video games are bad for you. Soon, new parents and educators will realize how important video games can be for the development of children.

It is important to remember that even the simplest games can have far-reaching effects on your cognitive processes and mental health. Video games are an escape and a stress buster that you and your friends can use to spend quality time as well. Video games are a gift to mankind.

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