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I have recently discovered this guide on how to play keno slot machines as that is a game that many people will find on offer to them on the gaming floors of many land based casinos and decided to share some of that information with you. 

In fact, even when you set about playing at an online casino site or via a mobile casino app, you are going to find quite a number of different Keno game variants, which do tend to catch the eye of many players, but many such players may be slightly confused about how those games play and pay.

If you are a fan of playing games such as bingo then I do feel that there will be an exceptionally good chance that you will like playing Keno too, for it is a number based game but one on which you are simply tasked with trying to predict the numbers that will be drawn out of a Keno machine.

One of the main attractions about playing Keno however is that you can play it for some tiny stake amounts but still have the chance of winning big. 

The Design of Keno Games

If you do come across a keno slot machine, then you will find the most standard variant will be one on which you are required to pick out from one to fifteen numbers that you think will be drawn out of the Keno drum.

There will be eighty numbers to pick and choose from, and the value of the winning payouts for matching each number will vary, dependent on how many numbers you choose to add onto your Keno card.

Once you have selected your own number grouping, you then simply decide how much you wish to wager, then click onto the draw or start button. The keno drum will then start to rotate and will then fire out twenty Keno balls, which as mentioned will each have a different number from one to eighty printed upon them.

Subject to the number grouping you have selected you will then start to achieve winning payouts based on how many numbers you have selected and just how many of them you have correctly matched with the ones that roll out of the Keno machine, the more numbers you match the much greater in value the winning payout you will receive will become. 

Best Tips for Keno Players 

I just know that many of you out there may be thinking of playing Keno but are wondering whether it is possible to play that game in such a way that you can increase your chances of winning, or if nothing else simply get some much longer playing sessions when playing Keno in a real money playing environment.

With that in mind allow me to pass onto you the best playing tips and give you some idea of how to win playing keno slot machines.

The one thing that is important to understand is that each number grouping offered to you that you can place a wager on is going to have its own long term expected payout percentage. As such you will be strongly advised to look up the RTP of each number grouping long before you start it play for real money.

Once you are armed with that all-important information, then simply play the number grouping that offers the highest possible payout percentage, as that way you will get more winning payouts and more of your stake money returned to you as winning payouts over your long term play.

Also, consider making use of bonuses some casino sites and casino apps will offer you when making a deposit, and do also be prepared to compare the casino comp club and loyalty schemes many casinos offer their players.

For the comps you will be accumulating and earning when playing Keno for real money can and do quickly add up, much more so if you get some long and extended playing sessions, which you will of course be doing when playing the number groupings with the highest RTP’s.


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