How To Pick a Winning Slot Machine and Win (Almost) Every Time!

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Slots are possibly the simplest way to play and gamble at a casino or online. Slots don’t require as much strategy, math skills or outsider knowledge of technique to win. With that said, you still should do some research on slot machines and what your chances of winning and the payouts are. Likewise, there is some technique that should be applied, it is still a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without some help.

Check Your Options

The most obvious or popular slots are not always the best choices. Casinos and gambling sites like to put these games in the busy areas of the floor or page because they know they’ll attract the most attention. That attention equals easy money for the house, and less success for you. Try to look around, whether in person or online, to find the games that interest you the most and are not as easy to find. They’ll likely try to hide this from the amateurs because they know they can win more often.

What Are Your Odds?

What odds do you have and what’s the volatility of the game? This question should be on your mind at all times when picking a slot to play. Volatility is just the level of wins you can expect, and what the prizes or payouts are. 


High volatility would be a slot that you are less likely to win, but produces larger prizes/payouts Low volatility would be a slot that has more frequent wins, but produces smaller prizes/payouts.


Practice makes perfect, right? In most cases, yes, but slots are still games of chance. However, it never hurts to get a feel for the slot you want to play before you start to drop some money on it. What’s so great about playing a slot online is that you usually get practice to spin or plays, and this is a huge advantage to have when figuring out your bets. Sometimes the free spins can even show you your simulated bets so you have a grasp on how much you’d potentially win.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bigger Bets


If you want to win big, sometimes you have to bet big. I’m not saying you need to spend more than you can reasonably bet, but putting smaller bets is usually only going to pay out smaller rewards. It’s a simple lesson to learn in gambling, and especially the slots. Some people think that slots are cheaper or smaller bets that will lead to big payouts but that’s not true. Risk more, win more applies to slots just as much as any game.


A few tips here should help you pick the slot machines that will help you win. Make sure your bets are proportionate to what you expect to win in payout and how volatile or non volatile the slots are, take advantage of your free spins or free plays if they’re available (and they usually are in online slots), and check all the slots available and see if they’re right for you!

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