How to increase your winning chances with Blackjack?

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Losing at blackjack, whether off-line or online, can be extremely frustrating considering that it is a casino card game with the best odds. Before we delve into blackjack winning strategies, please remember that this game is all about mathematical probability. It is extremely difficult to win consistently at blackjack without sincerely following some basic strategy.


In the absence of a basic strategy, you’d only be throwing money on the table, always second-guessing, something that every casino would love seeing you do. You might witness a lucky streak every now and then, but you’d never know when all the won money goes down the drain. If you really want to know how to win at Blackjack, we suggest that you continue reading, and sincerely follow some of the important tips that we’ve shared below.

Know your table

Please keep in mind that several online casinos run different variants of blackjack. Before taking a seat at any table, make sure that you go through information provided for it. For instance, if a table pays out a blackjack at 3 to 2, it implies that you will end up making more money from it in the long term compared to one that pays out at 6 to 5. Furthermore, a blackjack table that mandates the dealer to hit on soft 17 is going to make more money for the casino platform, and not so much for you. If there is a blackjack variant that permits you to surrender your poor hand compared to the dealer’s powerful up card, you’d benefit more by playing that variant. 


You should get well acquainted with the table rules as well as the variant in play. In a nutshell, never start playing at an online blackjack table randomly, just like that.


Play games with few card decks

Another important tip is playing blackjack games that involve lesser number of card decks. While it would be best to play blackjack games with single deck, but no online casino would offer that kind of game to the players. Although people feel immensely confident about card counting whenever there are fewer decks in play, it’s important to note that card counting is almost next to impossible in online blackjack games. This is because of Random Number Generator (RNG), a software which is commonly employed by all online casinos for automatic reshuffling of the cards, after every hand. Nevertheless, playing with fewer card decks can help you get better at blackjack much quicker, and will also prove to be profitable in the long term. To learn more about such strategies, here’s the story of a blackjack player who won millions of dollars from three different casinos.


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Pay close attention

Winning consistently at online blackjack isn’t so much to do with standing or hitting, as much it is about paying close attention. Ask any seasoned blackjack player or a mathematician, and they’d tell you about the importance of this aspect. It’s common to witness streaks of bad or good cards in online blackjack. Imagine flipping a coin 100 times. You are bound to witness streaks of tails and heads. Your primary aim should be finding out tables where you can predict these streaks much easily, and can get to know whenever they are happening.


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