How have free bets changed online betting and opened it up to new bettors?

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Betting on sports has been something people around the world have loved to do for a long time. Recent years have seen online betting at internet sportsbooks take off and become the way many like to bet. Much of this increase around online betting can be put down to the number of safe online sportsbooks to gamble at and the huge range of markets where you can place a wager. 

The other major reason sports betting online has taken off so much lately is the attractive bonuses internet sportsbooks offer to the public. One of the most popular is free bets, and they have really helped change the whole landscape since first appearing. 

How have free bets changed online betting?

Free bets have undoubtedly had a massive impact on the online betting industry in recent years. You will find that most internet sportsbooks offer them to the public. In some ways, this signals a cross-over with the online casino gaming sector who also use similar tactics. 

Online casino bonus codes are a great illustration of this and show how these two online sectors borrow from one another. As with online sportsbooks, it is vital to research the best offers around first at online comparison sites. For online casinos, the BonusSeeker site is the best around and lists all the best casino codes to use. There are also similar comparison sites to find the best free bet offers at online sportsbooks as well. 

The main headline around free bets is the way they have attracted new bettors into the industry. Before the prevalence of free bet offers, online betting was something which many people found hard to get into and uncomfortable with using their own money for. Since free bets have become common though, those kinds of obstacle have been removed. 

Great PR for internet sportsbooks

Free bets have also given online sportsbooks a useful promotional tool to appeal to new bettors. It has also allowed them to show people that online betting is a fun pastime, which is not only about risking your own money. It also gives online sportsbooks access to free press and word of mouth advertising. That is because you may well use a free bet on a site you love and tell your friends how amazing it is. 

The net result of this has been an influx of new bettors from demographics who would not have used online sportsbooks before. Over time, this has seen the whole online betting industry grow massively with a projected revenue of over $155bn by 2024

But what specific appeal do free bets have for new bettors? 

Free money to bet with! 

Obviously, anything that is free is attractive. That is the major appeal which free bets have, and which have made them so popular with people. As they essentially give you free money to bet with, you are not risking any of your own. This is something which appeals to those who might not be prepared to gamble with their own money initially. 

Check out the internet sportsbook site for free 

Another fabulous benefit that free bets deliver is the chance to test out the sportsbook which is offering the chance to win at no cost. This is especially handy for a site that you have not heard of before or that is new to market. Rather than trusting your money with them from the off, you can use free bets to test them out. This allows you to get a risk-free feel for their layout, what sports are on offer, how good their customer support is and how fun it is to bet there. If you then find you like it, you can carry on betting with real money in the future. 

Free bets have made a big impact on online betting

Sports is a big deal around the world - that is true whether it is Dak Prescott's contract extension making the news or the latest results in soccer. It is also true that sports betting is a big deal to many people and that betting online is very popular. The sector has been on an upward curve for a while, and this looks set to continue. While there are a few reasons this has happened, free bets have certainly played their part. The net result of this clever PR tool has been that online betting has opened up and now appeals to more people than ever. 

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