How To Check Whether the Online Casino Pays the Winnings Out

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Playing online casino games is of course entertaining and exciting, but the most exciting thing in online casino gambling is probably the withdrawal of winnings. And this is also one of the most stressful aspects, because some casino sites may turn out scammy and reluctant to pay the winnings out. 


This is why so many online casino gamblers are interested in checking whether the casino site pays the winnings out, in advance, and this is a right thing to do. However, finding the best payout online casino in Canada may be challenging, even for players from such countries where online casino gambling is legal and regulated, like in Canada. In this post, some of the most important aspects to double check about casino payments are discussed, if you want not only to play and win, but to cash your winnings out. 

Legitimacy & Reputation 

Two of the most crucial aspects to double check about web casinos are, of course, legitimacy and reputation. Legitimacy is defined by the presence and type of egaming license that the site holds, by additional certifications about independent testing, and by third party seals of trust. 


Checking reputation is a bit harder, but still possible. The player should find out whether the operator runs any other casino sites in addition to the one in focus, and see if those sites are licensed and decent. Looking for real players’ feedback on forums and social networks also makes perfect sense. The newer the casino, the harder it is to check what it is all about. However, with old casino sites, both too positive, too negative, or lack of track online should make the player suspicious. Decent casinos take effort to convince their customers that the winnings are certainly paid out. 


Banking Methods 

Baking methods - that is, payment gateways offered by the casino - demonstrate how many online payment processing companies are ready to collaborate with this casino site. The more the better, obviously, but the type of companies is also important. If the site has an array of banking methods from debit cards to globally known ewallets, it is more trustworthy, and more likely to pay the winnings out. 


Besides actually the companies represented on the casino site for payments, it is also important to read what rules are applied by the casino site. 


Banking Rules 

Payment processing companies online do have certain rules and limits for their customers, but so do the casino sites, too, and some of those casino rules may be very unfavourable for the players. 


The majority of unfavourable rules applied by the casino sites to payments and especially payouts are often connected to bonuses. Most players like casino bonuses, but fail to recognize that the bonus rules will just strip them off money. Wagering requirements are some of the most ripping-off rules; the higher the wagering requirements for the bonus, the less chances that the player will eventually be able to withdraw at least something. 



The ability to deposit, bet, and withdraw local currency is one of the most beneficial criteria for any online casino gambler; obviously, for Canadians it is more beneficial to deposit and withdraw in CAD. However, the more currencies are accepted by the site, the better. If the casino allows cryptocurrencies, this is also a good sign. However, customers must watch out for the default currency - internal casino currency used for all calculations and also for bets. If the site uses the internal currency rule, depositing in CAD means that all deposits will automatically be converted to a different currency for bets, and then the winnings will automatically be converted for withdrawals. This way, the player loses money twice, and if the winnings are not much, they may not meet the minimum withdrawal limit, and the casino won’t pay them out. 



Deposit minimum and maximum limits should be considered before depositing, especially if the player wants to claim a casino bonus (or wants to avoid the bonus). However, withdrawal limits are even more important, because cashing the winnings out can be impacted by these. 


There are maximum withdrawal limits per transaction \ per day, per week, and per month. As a rule, the casino customer cannot have more than three active withdrawal requests at the same time. Requesting withdrawal with an active bonus results in forfeited bonus and associated winnings. And eventually, some casinos do not pay the progressive jackpot winnings out immediately; some stick to the monthly withdrawal limits, and pay the jackpot out in portions, which is not good. This is why payment limits should be double-checked. 


Final Thoughts 

While checking the casino’s legitimacy and reliability usually leads to opting for most reputable sites, different situations still happen. Sometimes, players just fail to comply with the casino rules, and have their payouts rejected or delayed. But sometimes, casinos just apply rules that do not allow you to withdraw successfully. The best way to avoid problems is choosing online casinos from the lists of recommended casinos, like those provided by CasinosHunter or similar platforms. 


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