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It is not easy when a newly established and fledgling online gambling site can reach and create sympathy with many customers and raise Its high annual sales.

In fact, most gamblers take great care in choosing an online casino, and they tend to trust independent review sites, hoping to get the most unbiased opinions possible. That is where affiliate marketing comes to its fullest power in the gambling market.


A marketing agency affiliated with an online casino has the duty to promote and introduce the operator's services to potential customers. In return, they will seek their profit by receiving a percentage of the commission from the casino's revenue. Therefore, affiliates are an essential link in the online casino business system.


If you are an affiliate and are looking to start your brilliant career, please take CasinoMentor’s advice to understand how the industry works and its cash flow. But first, you need to know who are the biggest beneficiaries in the gambling industry.

Who is profiting in this industry?

The gambling industry has been on an upswing in recent years, and now, it has hit the $400 billion mark. This source of revenue comes from the budget that millions of players each year are investing in casino games and sports betting in the hope of a big win. So, the common question is who will play a vital role in the game and benefit the most from this enormous amount of money.

The operators

Of course, the operators are the owners who play the most crucial role in building a gambling establishment, both online and offline. They partner with software vendors to create an attractive environment that makes gamblers spend more and more money. They apply complex computer rules and algorithms to both ensure fairness in the games and cause players to suffer, more or less, losses in the long run. Thus, they are the biggest beneficiaries of a casino's annual revenue. 


This unit has no direct impact on the business and fragmentation of the gambling world. However, their strict regulatory practices and policies will enable them to profit from the taxes that gambling providers have to pay if they want to operate legally in their jurisdiction. 


Usually, this tax money comes from renewing licenses that the government grants to casinos so operators can ensure their transparency to eligible players protected by the government. In addition, operators must pay other taxes related to the annual revenue of the platforms, just like any other company operating under government control.


As we mentioned, marketing affiliates will promote the business of online casinos in exchange for a share of the revenue. However, you may wonder why the operators don't promote themselves to eliminate the cost of these affiliates. The answer is that these companies gain the trust of a large number of users. 


Marketers often appear as independent online betting platforms review sites and provide reliable information about all aspects of them. In addition, they are also adept at using SEO tricks to maintain high positions on search engine results pages, which often impresses new gamblers. From there, they attract and create sympathy with a part of users.


Based on the diverse customer experience and data possessed by the affiliates, operators will accept a portion of the revenue for these companies to help their website quickly become a top online casino. It is a win-win relationship, where operators will estimate the quality of service the affiliates provide in order to pay them a fair amount. 

How the iGaming affiliate business works

To put it simply, the fact that an affiliate with a casino gets a percentage of the profits from the betting site's revenue means that you will receive money every time any player loses a bet on the operator's platform. Typically, this will be somewhere between 10 and 50 percent of the casino's profits. For example, if a player loses a bet of $1000, you will receive between $100 and $500, depending on your contract with the casino operator.


Therefore, the downside of the affiliate marketing business is that you will not get any money when the player wins the bet. If that happens, the operator will lose money, and the casino will not have the money to pay you. But in reality, managing the business is the operator's job, and he will find a way to finance it by compensating the payouts to the winners with the bets from the other players. So as long as the casino can stay afloat with a steady annual turnover, the affiliates' profits will remain unaffected. 

Five challenges affiliates need to overcome 

To become a successful affiliate in the online gambling market known for its fierce competition, you need more than mere marketing. In fact, gambling affiliates tend to turn themselves into a platform that both provides exclusive reviews, backed by marketing contracts from other operators; and operates as an actual gambling site, offering casino games and sports betting services. So, what risks and challenges do this trend comes with, and what factors will a fledgling affiliate need to pay attention to in order to thrive and become a successful platform? You will get the answers you need after answering the following questions yourself. 

What do I want to offer on my affiliate website?

Like every other operator's first duty, you must decide what services are offered on your website. As for casino games, the options that are popular and of interest to most gamblers are slot games, roulette, baccarat, bingo, and poker. In addition, the live interactive experiences that live dealer games bring are also an aspect that you need to focus on to add maximum entertainment to your users. 


Regarding the sports betting market, you need to understand the sports matches and tournaments that players are most interested in, then consult and offer the most attractive odds to stimulate their bets. If you solve this problem, you have passed the first test of being an effective affiliate site for users.

Whom should I select to build my gaming website?

After the first challenge, you will face an even more difficult obstacle: deciding which software vendors to cooperate with. It is not an easy task, as you need to really understand the casino software supply market and calculate the lowest cost to own casino games from leading developers. 

How should my website look like?

The interface of a platform is paramount in attracting players. Eye-catching images, easy navigation, and a friendly environment will attract new users and retain loyal customers.


You can work with the IT team to bring your ideas to life or let the software provider design the look and feel of your website. The second option will make things more convenient when the developers have a lot of experience. However, you need to show creativity and differentiation in your service to leave a solid personal mark in the market if you want to become a leading platform. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your self-assessment. 

How do I promote my affiliate website?

First, you need to make sure your platform is fair, transparent, and offers the best games before any advertising campaign is carried out. Fraud in marketing campaigns will altogether remove their effectiveness, and even, it can have the opposite effect. For example, suppose a player visits your website and realizes that every advertisement is not true. In that case, the player will spread negative information to other gamblers and seriously damage the reputation of your platform. 


Once you've got this under control, it's time to consider launching and maintaining several marketing campaigns over a long period to make your platform's name more popular among your target customers. Some of the common tricks that successful affiliates use are social media advertising and search optimization tools. However, advertising on social media can face many challenges as governments and regulators often put in place regulations to limit gambling advertising.


In addition, to attract new players and retain existing users, you need attractive welcome packages and special loyalty programs to help existing users understand the value they bring to you.


Starting a gambling business as an affiliate can be an attractive money-making opportunity for many, but it also comes with many challenges you must overcome if you want to make a name for yourself in this fierce and destructive market. We hope that the information in this article will bring you many valuable experiences if you want to embark on the path of becoming a gambling marketer. Remember, most important and at the root of a platform's success is its quality of service, not enticing advertisements. So, spend as much time as you can on improving the quality of your services and increasing the trust of your players. 


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