Five Casinos in Las Vegas You HAVE to Visit

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Glitzy flashing lights and enormous casino hotels loom up into the Las Vegas skyline, dominating the strip. Walking along this famous area seems like you’re in a fantasy fairytale.

Water fountains shoot up into the air in front of the Bellagio, bringing traffic to a stop. A replica statue of Liberty guards the entrance to the epic ‘New York New York’ casino and tired gamblers lounge back in gondoliers while being steered through their famous waterways.

With 40 unique casinos to choose from, all with their own personality vying to bring the punters in, your brain will be frazzled and amazed. Some are more like resorts with a hotel, gaming tables, shows, restaurants, shops, pools and even monorails joining some casinos together. Take a look at our list of the five you HAVE to visit.


Plush and dramatic only goes a tiny way to describing this giant on the strip. Before you even walk in, you’re hit with jaw-dropping water fountains dancing into the night air. Moving inside to the registration desk, you’ll be met by a huge glass sculpture designed by the artist Dale Chihuly. The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art hangs from the walls, further adding to the luxurious ambience. Depending on the season, the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens shows a stunning array of beautiful blooms. The casino floor is huge and here everyone dresses to impress here. Definitely a must visit for a more upmarket experience. 

The Venetian

Take a ride down the picture-perfect waterways in a gondolier at the Venetian and maybe stop off to do some shopping? Themed on an Italian city, the interior and exterior is visually striking and you’ll really feel like you’ve been transported to the real place. Performers stroll around belting out operatic tunes and you’ll even see a few well trained pigeons flapping around to complete the Italian City vibe. Lounge by the pool in your own private pool cabana and enjoy one of the many shows on each night.

Caesars Palace

One of the most iconic hotel casinos on the strip, Caesars Palace is one of the last standing haunts of the Rat Pack, it is where daredevil Evel Knievel performed an epic motorcycle leap in 1967 and it’s been host to many of the world’s greatest prizefights in history. Nowadays Elton John, Celine Dion and Rod Stewart fill out the 4,100 seat colosseum belting out their epic tunes. Enjoy a truly unique bar lounge experience, by climbing aboard Cleopatra’s barge, which is actually floating on water in the resort! If that isn’t enough fun, you can enjoy hours playing in the casino, eat at one of the many restaurants, play golf or even give your credit card a workout in the forums shops.

The Luxor

A 30-story Egyptian pyramid made of black glass looms up into the skyline, shooting a laser beam of light out across the city. The Luxor really is a jaw-dropping sight to behold and can’t be missed. A giant sphinx welcomes you into the world’s largest lobby, which will have you feeling like you walked back in time into the home of an Egyptian God. All the rooms are designed to represent the interior of an actual pyramid and giant pharaoh statues will watch as you walk around in amazement. Enjoy 19,000 square feet of pure pool bliss, surrounded by towering temple columns and the backdrop of the Luxor pyramid. With so much character, this is a casino resort that will enthral and amaze.

The Excalibur

This may not be the plushest casino or hotel on the strip, but it certainly has some adrenalin pumping entertainment. Built like a fairytale castle on the outside, you’ll feel like you’re entering into a medieval world. Underneath the casino is a huge arena where they hold the infamous ‘Tournament of Kings’. Here you will be seated in a section around the arena, with each section representing a Knight of the round table or the evil dark lord. Whichever section you sit in, you cheer for! While the knights and the dark lord battle it out in a jousting competition, you’ll be served a full feast which you have to eat with your fingers of course (no cutlery in medieval times!). Truly a spectacular sight, yes you really are sitting under a casino watching knights gallop up and down on horses, while you shovel roast chicken into your mouth with your hands!

With so much to see and do in Vegas, you will need more than one trip to really get the full experience. Click here and you can get some vital practice in before you visit the famous Las Vegas strip.

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Katie Lamb is a freelance writer and has 10 years experience working in the casino industry.

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