Do Online Casinos Offer Birthday Bonuses?

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As of the year 2020, we live online. As vague as it sounds, it is the bitter truth. This year brought along the pandemic and lockdowns, a deadly, fast-spreading disease that confined us within our homes. To make matters worse, it also shut down all our favorite hangout places. From shopping malls to cinemas and from theme parks to casinos, all were forced shut. The fear instigated within us made it difficult to think of anything other than our safety from the wide-spread disease. However, the one thing maintaining our sanity has been the Internet. It has helped us tremendously by providing us with the online versions of our favorite shops, movies, and online casinos. 

The Start of Online Casinos 

An online casino allows gamblers to enjoy the experience virtually, through their digitals devices, while connected to the Internet. The concept started back in the late 90s, with ‘InterCasino’ being the first casino to digit virtually significantly contributed online.  Even so, it was not trending right away. Eventually, the idea began to bore people as the online versions barely offered any variety in the games. There were no appealing bonus features, and in-between glitches were a common sight. However, recent advancements in the IT sector have contributed greatly to improvising the online gambling experience. We now have a massive variety of online games that let us play as realistically as ever. The option of playing through our smartphones has been the most significant change, given how we take our phones everywhere. Thus, it automatically removes the hassle of traveling to casinos while also saving us the transportation time and cost. 

The Two Types 

The online world has two major categories for the stuff it provides it. Especially in terms of gaming, they are either web-based or download-based. Either way, there have been advancements in both, thus increasing the fan-base worldwide. 

Web-based Casinos

The term ‘web-based’ is just what it sounds like. The web-based games or casinos are those that we play over the websites. These games only require the users to install specific plug-ins like Flash player to support the gaming features. Perhaps the most significant advantage to these is that they require no download. All one needs is a stable internet connection to keep the games running smoothly. This platform has also encouraged developers to introduce online slot machines that provide slots without downloading or registration. Web-based matches are compatible with digital devices as well, namely, on Android.

Download-based Casinos

These casinos are just like any other gaming applications we download on our phones or tablets. One thing that gives them an extra point over web-based is that they are faster. Since most of the background necessities are already downloaded, the game just needs the Internet to start the game. However, since applications are more prone to being hacked, the consistent gamblers prefer the web-based system more. 

Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses
We are well aware of the primary goal of casino bonuses; to keep the players seated. Well, similar is the case with online casino bonuses. They now offer a variety of bonuses to ensure gamblers stay hooked to the games. Other than this, the less critical goal is marketing, of course. The better the bonus, the more users it attracts, thus adding to that certain casino’s overall promotion. Below listed are the types of online bonuses offered:

  • Loyalty bonus – is offered to players that remain consistent over a certain period. Thus, this is the management's way of thanking its customer for their loyalty. 

  • Birthday bonus – though it is not a common trend as of yet, some casinos have taken up the practice of offering birthday bonuses to their loyal players. 

  • Welcome bonus – is yet another way used by casinos to thank, not the old ones this time, but rather the new ones. The new players receive this in the form of a deposit match bonus on their first deposit. 

  • No deposit bonus – is the best for attracting customers, as it is offered without requiring the player to make a deposit first. 

  • As the name suggests, sticky bonus sticks in the game because it can not be cashed out. Only when the players meet the set requirement, the total winnings are withdrawn. 

Why every online casino should offer a Birthday Bonus

What does the word ‘Birthday’ bring to your mind? Excitement? Laughter? Celebration? Well, that is because these expressions are exactly what birthdays are about. No matter what age one turns into, the excitement before the clock strikes 12 on our birthday night holds an exceptional value. It is an occasion to celebrate turning a year older, thus looking forward to more great surprises ahead—this the reason behind calling it a ‘happy’ birthday because it generates happiness. 

What is the next most exciting thing about birthdays? Gifts, of course! And what better way to get a surprise gift than to have your favorite casino offer you a birthday bonus? The results would be highly positive, with the players eagerly waiting for their big days to come so they may avail their bonus. It will attract the player to keep playing and make him/her feel special. While the rest of the bonuses offered to apply to everyone, this one sounds unique. It will awaken an unusual feeling of happiness in the player, knowing this bonus is only for him. 

While the idea sounds like an excellent plan for live casinos, it would be equally helpful in online casinos. There are already many online games and applications that offer special birthday surprises to make their users feel extra special. Therefore, there is no denying how this feature would assist in the further promotion of online casinos. It would motivate more players to exhibit consistency, so they are compatible with the unique bonus on their big day. The additional benefits include the promotion of the casino, as the message will be spread to other friends and family of the player. Gradually, it will lead to nothing but a more significant fan base! 


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