Bubble Group, Sheriff Gaming Online Casino Sites Under Investigation (UPDATED March 2014)

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Alejandro Botticelli
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Bubble Group, Sheriff Gaming Online Casino Sites Under Investigation

A probe by Dutch authorities into a massive drug trafficking, money laundering and illegal Internet gambling business has led to scrutiny of the Bubble Group’s Sheriff Gaming online casino operations.

150 investigators from the Dutch Prosecuting Authority (Openbaar Ministerie) are said to be involved in the investigation that resulted in arrests of three individuals including AmsterdamCasino.com founder Michel Grégoire

Online casino developer Sheriff Gaming has not been named in the probe though its offices were raided last week.

Bank accounts tied to several online casinos were also froze and this will certainly impact players.  Those sites include:








These sites have effectively been shut down for the time being. 

In response to the allegations, Sheriff Gaming released the following statement:

Speaking on behalf of Sheriff Gaming with regards to the recent press allegations, Ellen Huijbers, Compliance Officer at Sheriff Gaming has issued a statement: “Until now the justice department has not given any inside information on the evidence on which the allegations in the press are based.

Therefore it is still uncertain whether there are any (direct) links between the allegations and Sheriff Gaming/Bubble Group. We have requested the justice department to provide more information regarding the position of Sheriff Gaming/Bubble Group. We are confident that Sheriff Gaming/Bubble Group will soon be fully discharged of all possible accusations.

Sheriff Gaming/Bubble Group wishes to stipulate one more time that so far no evidence what so ever has been presented and furthermore thanks every one for the warm and continued support. We trust that the strong reputation of Sheriff Gaming/Bubble Group will contribute to the continued support of the market in these difficult times.” 

UPDATE: Casino.com just can't keep out of troubles way - the brand was recently fined by the Dutch authorities for operating in Holland without a license. But despite all that, it's business as usual as you can see in this review of Casino.com.


Alejandro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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