Blackjack Players Urged to Use Caution With Skrill

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Blackjack Players Urged to Use Caution With Skrill

Internet blackjack information portal Online Blackjack has posted an advisory to their visitors this week, noting that users need to be aware of a security breach at popular e-Payment processor Skrill, noting that one player has already been taken to the cleaners for more than 150,000 Euros.

Online Blackjack reported that a player from Australia had casually logged into his Skrill account, only to find that his entire bankroll had been wiped out. Looking into the matter the player realized that the scammer ended up making a small deposit to the account before he then pushed out a series of withdrawals to numerous other Skrill accounts that they controlled.

Worryingly, none of the fraudulent activity managed to raise any alerts within the Skrill headquarters, even though the money transferred was enough to buy a luxury car or a comfortable sized house in the Caribbean. Skrill was not aware of an issue until the concerned player contacted the company to inform them of the theft (read more ).

It appears that the hacking is not a unique circumstance either, as various players have come forward to reveal that their account balances have also been plundered under similar circumstances. Skrill has not come out to confirm that there is a security issue going on, but has gone so far as to make players reset their passwords while also explaining that they offer free two-factor authentication services, which require players to punch a code in on their smartphones to verify their identity.

*“This is a major concern,”* said Online Blackjack owner Josh Armstrong. *“The online betting world relies on secure payment processing, and the fact that there are players being victimized with one of the world’s largest processors is troubling.”*

*“We are calling on Skrill to be transparent about any possible attacks that it is undergoing, and to remedy players by refunding the money stolen from their accounts.”*

While players are not at fault in this matter, it is questionable as to whether or not Skrill will refund their money, or is liable to pay back any of the money according to law. Because Skrill is based in the UK, the laws concerning liability of the accounts is in question, although one prominent gaming website administrator recommended affected players contact the UK Financial Services Ombudsman to lodge a complaint.

The reaching effects of this situation are widespread for blackjack players, as Skrill is utilized at many top betting sites offering the game including: Mr Green, Bet365, InterCasino, Bodog, High Noon Casino, and hundreds more.

Until the issue is resolved, players who used Skrill are urged to avoid using the service if possible, but if you cannot avoid using the service, you should move toward using an encrypted password that will be nearly unbreakable (we recommend using a 16 digit code) as well as adopting Skrill’s two-factor authentication.

Although Skrill is a big name in the online payment processing industry, they are hardly alone. The biggest name in the industry is PayPal, which can be used in some jurisdictions to deposit and withdraw to casino accounts, with instantaneous transfer times and low fees, it may be the next best option for players that can use the service with their favorite casinos. Other ePayment solutions can be done via voucher or virtual cards, which can be used to alleviate some of the hurdles found in the banking side of things.

Online Blackjack is an internet blackjack information site that was founded in 1998. Providing a series of guides and strategies for players, Online Blackjack has established itself as a key player in providing information to players who want to maximize their odds of success against the house. In 2014 Online Blackjack was sold to Josh Chan and became part of the Latest Casino Bonuses Network, which includes LatestCasinoBonuses.com, LatestBingoBonuses.com, LatestPokerBonuses.com, LatestSportsBonuses.com, WizardOfOdds.com, WizardOfVegas.com, WizardOfMacau.com, and several others.

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