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Are you looking for a lucrative online game? Then bitcoin dice is the game to look out for. The game is inspired by the classic dice, an entertaining and simple game with easy-to-follow rules. Similarly, bitcoin dice boasts of simple rules and more transparency by incorporating blockchain technology

There are various bitcoin games online, and all of them are different depending on how you play the game. Even if the games are different, the general rules for playing the dice are the same. The game is easy to play and also have huge returns.

Here are some of the essential rules to remember while playing the bitcoin dice.

  • You need to place the bet amount.

  • choose the lucky number you are going to bet

  • Determine whether to roll the dice over or under. (Some of the online sites have to roll HI or roll LO as the alternative option.)

  • Hit the roll dice button

  • If you win, you get the payout, and if you lose, you don't get payouts.

The above rules are straightforward, and if you remember the dice rules, you will understand the game more. For you to have a fantastic experience, there are some other things that you need to be aware of this version.

One of the things you need to remember in this version of dice is that you need to have a bitcoin wallet that is compatible with the site you wish to play. Some sites require specific wallets that are consistent with the given system. Obtaining wallets is very easy, especially if you know how bitcoin works.

Importance of the rules of bitcoin dice

If you know the main game, which predicts the very roll's outcome, then making a decision will be an easy task. The connection between the rules and objectives will assist you in remembering the rules of the game. You can form strategies related to the rules. 

Just like any other gambling game, the dice roll is pure luck. That means that you cannot control the outcome of the game. You can apply some tricks for the online game, but they are not 100% guaranteed to work for you. 

What helps you most in the game is the familiarity with the dice rulers. You can obtain some valuable ideas from the strategies used that can be of help during the gameplay. As you play the free version of the game, you will quickly learn the rules of the game.

Know the objective of the game

The most important part of the bitcoin dice rules is the objective of the game. The purpose will serve as the primary goal of what you are expected to achieve. If you aim to predict one of the dice roll results, it is more challenging in bitcoin dice. Some of the rules in the bitcoins states that you have to pick a number. The number you will choose will determine whether you will win or lose, depending on your betting options.

Pick your lucky number

Picking a certain lucky number depends on the platform that you decide to play. Some of the venues offer a range of numbers in hundreds, others in thousands. Based on bitcoin rules, all you are needed to do is pick one number from a set of numbers. Bitcoin dice is purely a game of chance.

Learn about your betting options

The above aspect depends and also varies on the bitcoin gambling site. Some of the sites do not offer anything. All you require to do is select a chance and roll the dice. The rolled number must be lower than what you have chosen to win. There are two betting options in one of the bitcoin dice rules: Roll HI and Roll LO.

Roll HI: if you think that the dice will roll on a number higher than your lucky number, then wager on this option.

Roll LO: If you highly believe that the dice will roll on a number lower than your lucky number, bet on this option.

 Roll the dice with Bitcoin

Since the primary mode of payment is bitcoin, this aspect is sure to be comfortable and hassle-free. To place a wager, you must send some of your bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet address or scan the QR code. You have made the payments, and you can start to play immediately. Another bitcoin rule dictates that you take note of the minimum and maximum bet before placing a wager to prevent the hassles.

Bitcoin dice rules of winning

If you placed your bet on the roll HI, and the number obtained on the dice is higher than your lucky number, you win.  If you bet on the roll LO, the rolled number must be lower than your random number. The amount you get depends on the amount that you bet.  The bitcoin gaming experience will be superb if you know the rules.


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