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In the probability game of bingo, players mark the numbers on their cards as they are drawn randomly by a caller in an online casino. The player who keeps all of their numbers first wins.

This game, historically known as "Housey-Housey" in the UK, gained popularity after the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960, with new purpose-built bingo halls emerging each year until 2005.

However, since 2005, its revenues have sharply declined, forcing many of them to close. For instance, from around 600 in 2005 to about 400 in January 2014, there were fewer game clubs in the United Kingdom. These closures can be attributed to several things, including high taxes, the ban on smoking, and the rise of online casinos.

Everyone enjoys playing this game at online casinos in Singapore, regardless of age. It's simple enough for kids to play yet intriguing enough for adults to enjoy. It's difficult to describe how you feel while waiting to hear the one number you need to win. It's also challenging to reproduce in a different game.

This game is thrilling. The adrenaline increases as you collect more numbers, but when you cannot complete the game, you start to go down the hill and experience many twists and turns. In Singapore, there are many opportunities to play these games. However, this gaming industry has its jargon!

This article will go through the words used in this game and what players at Singapore's online casinos should always remember when playing it. For more information about the best online casino for Singapore players, check here.

Bingo Terms

Admission Packet

An admission package is the bare minimum of cards needed to play the game. The entrance package for every classic and uncommon game typically contains six to twelve cards. Each game hall has a different admission package with a different price and content.

Lucky Jar

The Cookie Jar often called the Lucky Jar, is a money receptacle. The random jar's contents are yours if you correctly call bingo on the lucky number. Typically, the first number stated at the beginning of a session is the lucky number.

Money is deposited into the jar when the lucky number is called or the caller adequately discloses the game. Typically, only regular games provide the good pot. There could be a better number in unusual throw-away games.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots grow in magnitude until they are won. It increases every day, every week, or every month if it is not won after a set number of calls. A lesser value consolation prize(s) is/are awarded if there isn't a winner after a predetermined number of calls. Many progressive games raise prizes by adding money, numbers, or both. Almost every online Singapore casino offers a separate buy-in for progressive jackpot games.

Bonanza Bingo

The 13th game of the session in an online Singapore casino is often a progressive coverall jackpot game called Bonanza bingo. Forty-five numbers are chosen and marked on different cards before the session in a casino, after which they are set aside. You must pay an additional $1 fee to play this game. In a casino bonanza game, the countdown starts with 48 numbers or fewer and increases by one weekly until 52 numbers, or the prize is won. The quantity of cards sold in that game depends on the prize money.

Pull – Tab

A pull-tab game involves playing a game of chance using a banded paper ticket, folded paper, or a paper card with perforated break-open tabs. A number, letter, symbol, or group of numbers, characters, or signs are buried or covered on the pull-face tab, some pre-identified as prize winners. This category includes tickets with a seal card. Pull various names, including keys that refer to tabs, charity game tickets, and break openings.


In a coverall pattern in a casino, you must cover every card to succeed. For instance, participants must call 50 to 60 of the 75 numbers to obscure all the numbers on the game card. A blackout in a casino is the same thing as a coverall.


Throw-away cards are those printed on little sheets of paper. Flimsies can be made with one, two, four, six, or nine cards, although they are often printed on a single sheet with three cards. A thin sheet typically costs one or two dollars, and winning on one in a unique game pays far more than winning in a traditional game.

Speed Game

A speed game is where the winner and the hall or house divide the winnings (the pot). As an illustration, the house may keep 40% of the sales while giving the winner 60%. A quick game can be played as a coverall with quickly-called balls.


The game number chosen in the online casino might be spoken or repeated amusingly using nicknames. Additionally, it assists in confirming the phone number dialed in a busy, noisy setting. For instance, before faster computer draws replaced air-blown balls, handles were employed in British bingo halls.

Wild Number

The wild number on a double bingo is the one that results in a triple. The first number chosen from the hopper determines this important number. Therefore, if the number 42 is eliminated, any numbers with two after them should also be marked out.


A session in an online Singapore casino is the entirety of a program that takes place during the day or evening and consists of both regular and unique games played on paper or other lightweight materials. A typical session lasts between two and a half, three hours, and fifteen minutes.


A cut on the master sheet cues players to cut a sheet of faces in that direction. The players can make cuts vertically, horizontally, or square patterns.

Split Tab

The pot from a split pot game is shared between the winning player and the venue or house. For instance, the house (or online casino) may retain 40% of revenues while paying the winner 60% of the money.


People of all ages play this enjoyable and friendly game at all Singapore online casinos worldwide. If you want to play this game, you should be familiar with the jargon because it has spread to online casino platforms. The other players will make you feel at ease, and you'll feel like a group member.


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