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In addition to the amazing clarity found at some live online casinos, savvy players will always be seeking out the very best in online casino welcome bonuses.

When exploring these bonuses one should look at the following types of welcome offers:

No Deposit Bonus: Definitely a big favorite among Internet casino players, the site adds bonus funds to a player’s account without any necessary action.  The dollar figure is typically low but worthwhile to the live online casino as this begins the process of building a lucrative database of players.  One doesn’t stumble upon a Web casino by searching for Sesame Street merchandise.  These are obviously individuals that have some interest in online casino games. 

Match Play Deposit Bonus:  Here the amount offered is more than the No Deposit Bonus.  Match Play will specify the amount a customer must open his or her account with in order to receive a maximum amount of money that matches the initial deposit, sometimes as much as $1000, even more at some casinos.  The customer will then be required to play up to that amount in order to cash out.

Percentage Deposit Bonus These are common whereby the customer’s live online casino welcome bonus consists of a portion of the amount deposited (i.e. a 50% bonus on $500 deposited would result in a free $250).

Purchase Method Bonus Some casinos offer a specific bonus depending on the payment method used by the player to make a deposit.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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