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Our friends at have reviewed live dealer casino game provider Authentic Gaming, calling it a “wonderful choice for both novice and avid players”

Authentic Gaming, established in Malta in 2015, specializes on premium land-based live roulette incorporating luxurious locations and professional dealers.  The company recently added two Bucharest locations and live streams of cabaret performances.

Authentic Gaming’s casino lobby is filled with a superb selection of both land-based and automated roulette streams. A few flicks through their live casino lobby will take you from one top European casino resort to another, writes.

Benefits of the Authentic Gaming live dealer roulette platform includes a good selection of live roulette tables, authentic, land-based casino feel and the smooth navigation as well as an intuitive interface.

Once you arrive, you’ll witness a clear stream of table action with fellow players coming, going and placing their bets in true casino fashion, writes.

Authentic Gaming takes players from one luxurious European casino resort to another including Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino in Italy, Casino International at the Hilton Batumi and the Platinum Casino at the Radisson BLU in Bucharest.

Other benefits include the increased chances of winning 2,000 spins per day in Authentic Roulette Double Wheel, a 24/7 common draw American Roulette.

Authentic Gaming does not feature VIP gaming tables per se but the 5-star locations of its roulette games are sure to delight both novice and high-rollers alike, notes.

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